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Data-Driven Business Transformation

How 200 Analytics and Cloud Leaders Connect People, Processes, Data and Technology

Enterprises across the world are at an inflection point. As speed and
resilience continue to be critical, analytics and cloud leaders are building data-driven businesses.

Some executives have moved their vision for a data-driven enterprise from the experimentation phase to scale successfully, with the help of the cloud. But for most, there’s still a long way to go. Just 21% of the 200 data, analytics and cloud leaders we surveyed say their enterprises use data-driven decisions to realize business value “all the time”.

This report delves deeper into our findings and their implications for what it means to be a data-driven business. We outline how leading enterprises integrate people, processes, data and technology to deliver defined business outcomes.

Claim your copy today to discover how 200 analytics and cloud leaders connect people, processes data and technology to drive essential business decisions.

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