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Harnessing Data in Motion

Senior Data Leaders Share How They Are Maximizing Value by Deploying Insights in Real Time

Some data does not age well; the longer you sit on it, the less valuable it becomes. This is why many businesses are focusing their resources on acting quickly on new information as it emerges.

Across numerous industries, companies that take advantage of streaming data for analysis and decision-making are gaining a competitive edge over those
that have yet to embrace realtime insights.

In healthcare, this can help paramedics access up-to-the minute hospital admissions data. Manufacturers, meanwhile, are monitoring machinery to prevent breakdowns and reduce waste, while investment firms are adding value for clients with live financial feeds. For many companies, harnessing real-time data is fast becoming a prerequisite for success.

But to reap these benefits, most enterprises must modernize their infrastructure while securing the necessary data sources and overcoming interoperability issues.

Those that do so will be rewarded with capabilities that can delight their customers, boost sales, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and in some cases even save lives.

This report, which draws on expert commentary from four data leaders with experience across numerous industries, will shine a light on some of the most exciting emerging use cases while offering guidance on how to navigate the challenges of implementing realtime data at scale.

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