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State of Data Management in Canadian Enterprises 2022

Data-focused Executives from 100 Canadian Enterprises Reveal their Data Management Strategy Challenges and How They're Working to Overcome Them

Large businesses of all kinds are generating, storing, and analyzing more data than ever. In addition, enterprises are integrating a wide variety of data from various data sources spread across on-premises and in the cloud and accelerating their cloud transformation strategies.

Adopting cloud-based data management architecture has many potential benefits, including business agility, flexibility, and lower TCO. But how can data-focused executives reap the benefits of cloud-based services, while avoiding data replication in hybrid or multicloud scenarios, adhering to various compliance and data privacy rules, and better serving their customers?

This research report, with commentary from a range of experienced executives, identifies top challenges facing data-focused executives from Canadian businesses with over CAD 650 million in revenue. In addition, it explores how they are working to overcome those challenges to enable better business performance and agility in 2022.

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