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Passionate about Solving Business Problems with Data and Analytics: Alexey Belichenko

Alexey Belichenko is an entrepreneur, strategist, and Global Head of Pharma and Diagnostics Commercial Data, Analytics, and AI at Pharma giant Roche, we caught up with him to find out what makes him tick in the world of data and analytics ahead of his appearance at CDAO France, 2024

C: What are you most passionate about when it comes to data and analytics?

AB: I've been in data analytics for the past 16 years, so my entire career has been related to applying data analytics across different industries and verticals—from engineering to insights and solving complex business problems. I've also co-founded a data consulting company. What excites me is the use of data analytics to solve real business problems and improve organizational business models. Companies are finding new ways to sell products and provide services thanks to data, which is what interests me most from a research perspective as well.


C: You've worked in several industries; what has been your experience in the pharmaceutical field, and what opportunities do you see there in terms of data and analytics?

AB: Pharma companies are significant data consumers. I previously worked mostly in consumer goods, where companies also buy a lot of data, but pharma companies buy even more to understand markets, healthcare organizations, and competitors better. This helps them deliver more value to patients. I’m responsible for data in commercial areas at Roche, focusing on the commercial aspects of pharma and diagnostics. Data is crucial for these areas, particularly in understanding market trends and enhancing customer engagement.


Alexey Belichenko


C: Looking at the current year, what are the top three trends or developments driving performance in data analytics?

AB: Firstly, AI, particularly generative AI, is a big trend as companies explore how to best utilize it. Secondly, cloud computing continues to be essential as companies reach higher maturity levels in using cloud technologies. Lastly, the realization of using data effectively to generate value is becoming a priority at the executive level, with a focus on industry-specific use cases like marketing and sales engagement strategies.


C: How has the rise of generative AI and large language models influenced your organization and industry?

AB: The accessibility and rapid adoption of generative AI have brought it quickly to the attention of the boardroom. There's a realization amongst senior leaders about not only the opportunities but also the potential for risks and disruption. We're cautious about ensuring data confidentiality and compliance, for example, especially as employees increasingly interact with technologies like ChatGPT, which might pose security risks. This is a huge consideration for organizations that work in highly regulated industries. 

Want to learn more?

Alexey Belichenko is speaking at CDAO France on May 29th, 2024. Join him and many more world-class data and analytics leaders to learn about the trends driving value creation in data and analytics. Register to attend here.