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State of Ransomware Readiness, Southeast Asia

State of Ransomware Readiness, Southeast Asia

Each year, hundreds of companies fall victim to ransomware

Last year, the Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team, SingCERT reported that throughout 2022, ransomware groups were “actively targeting high-profile targets, from critical infrastructure to entire government systems, either stealing massive databases or disrupting operations”.

The evolving sophistication and scale of the ransomware threat is one the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore says it is monitoring closely.

Organisations in Southeast Asia must be prepared, both to repel potential attacks and respond in the event of a breach.

Through a survey of 60 cybersecurity professionals from three countries, Singapore (22), Indonesia (18) and Malaysia (17) conducted between September and December in 2022, this report examines the idea of ransomware readiness, gauging the confidence among information security professionals when it comes to their ability to be prepared for, respond to and quickly recover from a ransomware attack.

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State of Ransomware Readiness, Southeast Asia