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Stolen Identity: UniSuper Cybersecurity Analyst Cosi Robinson Shares Experience

Cosi Robinson shares her inspiring career journey from EA into a cybersecurity role, and her tips and actions on identity theft


In this week’s episode of the Business of Infosec podcast, our host Michelle Ribeiro is joined by UniSuper’s Cyber Security Analyst for Security Operations Cosi Robinson. Together they discuss Cosi’s inspirational career journey from an executive assistant role into the cybersecurity world. Cosi also shares her experience of being a victim of identity theft and the repercussions it has had on her life, while sharing advice on preventative measures.    

In the discussion this week:

  • The remarkable skills an executive assistant can transfer to a cybersecurity role, including board reporting
  • Overcoming career transition challenges and anxieties, and the importance of a good mentor to boost your confidence
  • How overnight studying and hard work paid off and left Cosi with an incredible sense of achievement
  • How being a victim of identify theft has affected her life
  • Her inspiring journey to take control of her life and nurture her mental health during a difficult time
  • Using her experience to increase cybersecurity awareness and positively change behaviours