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Future of Insurance Data 2020

Written by Admin on 9, July 2020

How AI and Automation will Revolutionize the Insurance Industry in 2020 and Beyond

Change looks set to sweep the insurance industry in the coming months and years, as its data leaders race to embrace new data-driven technologies. This exclusive report explores what insurers can do today to stay ahead of the curve, with insights from data leaders who attended our Risk Intelligence and Realizing Risk roundtables in New York and London.

Alan Luu, AVP of Advanced Digital Analytics at Chubb, reveals how the company is using AI-driven technologies to refine business processes, improve customer experiences and make better decisions.

Steven Wilkins, Head of Data Labs at Hiscox, outlines how his team is responding now that unprecedented disasters are exposing the limitations of traditional cat modeling.

AIG Analytics Technical Officer Shajy Mathai and Allianz Insurance Head of Technical Data Chris Wyard give their takes on how the industry should tackle its data quality problem.

What’s more, our attendee survey provides an exclusive snapshot of where the industry currently is on the path to data maturity.


  • Alan Luu, AVP of Advanced Digital Analytics, Chubb
  • Shajy Mathai, Analytics Technical Officer, AIG
  • Chris Wyard, Head of Technical Data, Allianz Insurance
  • Steven Wilkins, Head of Data Labs, Hiscox
  • Jay Gentry, MD, Insurance Practice, Pitney Bowes Software

Topics: Artificial Intelligence