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Australia’s Award-Winning Jay Hira: Key to Zero Trust Success is Strategy, Not Tools

Jay Hira shares insights on Zero Trust imperative, collaboration, and diversity and inclusion in cybersecurity


In this week’s episode of the Business of Infosec podcast, host Michelle Ribeiro is joined by award-winning Cybersecurity Strategist, Jay Hira. Together they walk through Jay’s computer science and engineering background, and how he started his career in security as a penetration tester. With an incredible wealth of knowledge, Jay shares invaluable tips on how to make Zero Trust strategies work. He also stresses the importance of diversity, inclusion, and collaboration in cyber.  

In the discussion this week:

  • Some of successful ways companies can benefit from having diverse cybersecurity teams
  • Tips to keep up with the evolving threat landscape that’s forcing companies to review the way they operate and make strategic decisions
  • Why collaboration is paramount and how it can be successfully applied to the cybersecurity function across different businesses
  • Zero Trust is not a new concept. How has it evolved? Where should organisations shift their focus to in order to improve these strategies?
  • Dos and don’ts of Zero Trust strategies