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State of Data and Analytics, Australia and New Zealand, 2023

Demand for data and analytics expertise is soaring in Australia and New Zealand, but can executives in the region rise to meet that demand?

Data and Analytics is capable of greatly advancing the decision making processes of enterprises globally, and is increasingly on the agenda of organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

Through a survey of 159 Australia & New Zealand data and analytics executives, we benchmark the industry’s progress and gauge to what extent data and analytics is making an impact in the region, and understand data leader sentiment around certain data-related themes.

This report covers the roles of data leaders in organisations, the perceived maturity of their data strategies, adoption of data technologies, challenges in implementing data strategies, and future expectations in the data and analytics field.

Featuring contributing insights from:

  • Pieter Vorster, General Manager, Data Platforms, Westpac
  • Nonna Milmeister, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, RMIT
  • Brian Ferris, Chief Data, Analytics and Technology Officer, Loyalty New Zealand
  • Julian Delany, Chief Technology Officer, Data and Digital, News Corp Australia
  • Nasca Peng, Head of Artificial Intelligence, Fonterra
  • Jeremiah Stone, Chief Technology Officer, SnapLogic

State of Data and Analytics Australia and New Zealand 2023

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State of Data and Analytics, Australia and New Zealand 2023