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Vulnerability Management Trends in Australian Government

The Shifts Australian Government Cybersecurity Leaders are Seeing and Responding to as the Need for Effective Patching Increases

The vulnerability and patch management landscape is under renewed focus because of increasing compliance pressures and demand for organisational resilience and visibility over systems.

Cybercriminals remain fixated on discovering exploits within hardware and software systems. In the interest of Australians everywhere, the importance of maintaining and improving vulnerability and patch management processes within Australian government departments is considerable.

Informed by insights from security experts with experience in Australian government agencies, this report will explore how cybersecurity leaders develop and run successful, modern vulnerability, asset and patch management practices.

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Contributors include:

  • Jonathan Owen, acting CTO, Australian Capital Territory Government
  • Julian Valtas, acting CISO, Australian Capital Territory Government
  • Jamie Norton, Former Australian Taxation Office CISO, Partner, McGrath Nicol
  • Kathryn Green, Director, Digital Technology, CIO & CISO, Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
  • Asaf Ahmad, Former NSW Fire & Rescue CISO, President, ISACA Sydney Chapter
  • Walter Manyati, Director, Technical Account Management, ANZ, Qualys

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