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Funds SA’s Lucy Bailey on Data Governance Challenges

Data leader from Government-owned investment service discusses changing mindsets


No one will deny that data governance is a critical factor in your data strategy.

Without good governance, the capacity to make effective, meaningful decisions with data diminishes.

In the lead-up to CDAO Brisbane, we have an exciting interview with Lucy Bailey from Funds SA and Corinium’s Vanessa Jalleh. Lucy shares exciting insights into data governance, changing negative mindsets and the governance potential we can look forward to in the future.

In this discussion:

  • Data as an asset versus data as a liability – a lot of the liability arguments fall around governance and how can we change mindsets?
  • The evolution of governance over the next few years, in terms of technology, practices, etc
  • Are there any trends in data and analytics that shows potential, enough for data leaders to take note of?