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Interview with Dipti Patel, former Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Vituity



Dr Dipti Patel, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at healthcare provider Vituity, talks about her journey from academia into data and analytics leadership, the rise of data-driven healthcare and “learning to tango” with healthcare business users.

“It’s not about the data scientists,” she says. “I call it ‘learning to dance with the business users’. That’s where I think the focus has been. Because it used to be, ‘Here’s data analytics, the black box, and here are the business users, and the two shall not meet. And unless you want bruised feet, I think you need to learn to dance very nicely and very quickly.”

  • Dr Patel was Vituity’s CDAO from 2016 to 2019. In June 2019, she became the Founding Principal at Healthcare Actionable Insights.