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2020 State of Data and Analytics Europe

How Europe’s Data and Analytics Leaders are Seizing This Unique Opportunity to Fast-Track Digital Transformation Projects

Data and analytics leaders have been some of the few ‘winners’ since COVID-19 turned life upside down for people across the globe. Those in sectors the pandemic has hit hardest have had to make tough decisions in 2020. But this representative survey of 80 European data and analytics leaders reveals several silver linings for data-focused executives.

Inside, you’ll see how many organizations are fast-tracking data and analytics projects to ensure they can drive efficiencies and meet customer expectations in the era of remote working and social distancing.

You’ll also discover the top challenges data and analytics leaders are grappling with as they update their strategies to ‘do more with less’ and prepare for the months ahead.

What’s more, we outline how Europe’s top data and analytics executives are adapting their leadership styles to ensure their teams deliver the best results in today’s challenging business environment. With expert commentary from speakers and attendees at this year’s Data & Analytics: Live Europe digital event, this exclusive report paints a unique picture of the state of data and analytics in Europe today.

Key Findings

  • 60% of data and analytics leaders say demand for data in their organization has risen because of COVID-19
  • 41% expect their departments’ budgets to decrease in the coming months
  • 45% say ensuring staff health and wellbeing is one of the greatest challenges they’re facing today

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