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The DataOps Agenda 2021

How DataOps is Helping 100 of Europe's Data Leaders Streamline Enterprise Data Pipelines and Deliver Better Business Outcomes

DataOps looks set to become the future of enterprise data management. But there’s still much confusion around what a successful DataOps implementation looks like and the challenges enterprises typically face as they attempt to streamline their data operationalization practices.

This representative survey of 100 European data and analytics leaders seeks to alleviate that confusion and provide executives with a clear view of the maturity of DataOps practices in the region today.

Our findings show that awareness around the benefits DataOps can bring to a company has soared in recent years. A full 95% of respondents say they’ll have a DataOps initiative within 12 months.

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Contributors include:

  • Harvinder Atwal, Chief Data Science Officer, MoneySuperMarket
  • Prabhu Chandrasekhar, Director, Data Foundation, Enterprise Data and Analytics, Advance Auto Parts
  • Ciaran Dynes, Chief Product Officer, Matillion
  • Guy Taylor, Director of Data Science and Analytics and Interim Director of Experimentation, Booking.com
  • Minna Kärhä, former Data and Analytics Lead, Finnair
  • Morgan Templar, VP, Data Management, Highmark Health
  • David Wright, Chief Data Officer, Commerzbank AG

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