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The Intersection of Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

How 125 Data, Privacy, and Cybersecurity Leaders are Overcoming Organizational Challenges to Empower Cyber-Secure Digital Transformation

Data privacy and cybersecurity have risen to the top of corporate agendas since the onset of the global pandemic, fueled by the rapid shift to remote work and accelerating digital transformation roadmaps.

In addition, public interest in data privacy is stronger than ever with tech giants like Apple and Facebook engaged in a PR war over their use of customer data.

This report, conducted with our partners at Okera, summarizes our research into how businesses are responding to these challenges.

Key findings:

  • 72% have moved at least half of their organization’s data to the cloud
  • 70% are either 'very confident' or 'extremely confident' that they know where all their data is located
  • 45% are not concerned about penalties and fines due to non-compliance
  • The #1 benefit of centralizing data authorization and control is ensuring data security at a fine-grained level
  • 94% see compliance with data privacy as a top priority
  • Better regulatory compliance is the leading driver of data privacy investments

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