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Enhancing Threat Protection in 2022, Australia

Perspectives from Senior Security Leaders During Dataminr's Threat Intelligence Roundtable, November 2021

With disruption rife across many industries over the past 24 months, shoring up risk management frameworks and processes has become a major priority for a number of organisations.

To stay ahead of and prepare for such disruption — including emerging risks and high-impact events — business leaders need access to real-time information on the incidents and crises that could negatively affect their organisations.

The growing need for this risk intelligence was the focus of a November roundtable hosted by real-time information discovery platform provider Dataminr, in partnership with Corinium.

In attendance were Australian security leaders from both the cyber and physical domains, who used the forum to discuss how they are advancing their threat intelligence strategies in 2022.

In this report, we highlight many of the insights that came from the roundtable discussions.

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