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Future of Financial Services Data 2021

How 100 Financial Services and Insurance Data and Analytics Leaders are Accelerating Their Strategies and Transforming the Sector in the Wake of COVID-19

The fallout from COVID-19 is just the latest in a string of market disruptions that have reshaped the financial services sector. As with those that came before it, the industry's data and analytics leaders are playing a key role in preparing their companies for what comes next.

With expert commentary from seven top industry leaders, this research explores how data-driven initiatives are transforming financial services in 2021. It provides essential insights into what other businesses should be doing to prepare for the post-pandemic 'new normal'.

Inside you'll discover which data-driven and digital transformation initiatives are helping financial services enterprises slash costs, ensure business continuity and adapt to today's uncertain business environment.

Contributors include:

  • Russell Barker, Global Head of Macro Data Strategies, Morgan Stanley
  • Jose A Murillo, Chief Analytics Officer, Banorte
  • Dan Costanza, Managing Director and Chief Data Scientist, Citi
  • George Mylnikov, VP, Head of Quantitative Research, Charles Schwab
  • El Diawlol, Director of Advanced Analytics, Goldman Sachs
  • Ren Zhang, Chief Data Scientist (Head of AI Center of Excellence) BMO Financial
  • John Hershberger, Financial Services Practice Leader, Wavicle Data Solutions

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