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Bite-size insights: Unveiling People-Powered DevSecOps

Pablo Reyes sheds light on the vital alignment of people, processes, and tools as the cornerstone of a robust security culture within organisations.


The cornerstone of a robust security culture

In a brief yet illuminating conversation, Maddie Abe, Conference Director at Corinium, had the privilege of sitting down with Pablo Reyes, the former Senior Application Security Specialist at Woolworths Group, to unravel the essentials of DevSecOps.

The conversation covers the critical questions:

  • What are the initial steps to kickstart the DevSecOps expedition?
  • What were some specific hurdles or obstacles encountered at the beginning of this journey, and how did the team navigate through them?
  • How did your organisation foster DevSecOps Culture and mindset among your teams, recognizing the significance of people in this transformation?
  • How does effective collaboration among teams significantly impact and fortify security practices?

While technology serves as the backbone, the individuals within an organisation drive the success of DevSecOps initiatives. Their adaptability, willingness to embrace change, and passion for security play a crucial role in shaping and sustaining this transformation. Ultimately, it's the people who interpret, implement, and innovate within the DevSecOps framework, making their contributions as significant, if not more, than the technological facets.

Play the video now (10-min).

Pablo Reyes will be speaking at DevSecOps Sydney 2024. Check out the agenda and register to attend by clicking this link!

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