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The Business of Data Show - Season One, Episode Two: Analytics Strategies for Success



In recent years, analytics has become a critical business function in many of the world’s largest enterprises.

Our latest research suggests that 69% of enterprises are now using predictive analytics of AI models, and 25% have made the jump to prescriptive analytics.

However, achieving analytics success is about more than simply deploying analytics tools. And it’s well documented that many analytics projects never succeed in driving business value.

So, in this episode of the Business of Data Show, we’ll be looking at why so many analytics strategies deliver subpar results and what analytics leaders can do to set their strategies up for success.

  • Guests include:
  • Cortnie Abercrombie, Founder, AI Truth
  • Angela Kim, Head of Analytics & AI, Teachers Health
  • Yudhvir Seetharam, Head of Analytics, FNB