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Data: The New Weapon Against Our Humanity

Written by Shalain Gopal

Data: The New Weapon Against our Humanity

Written by Shalain Gopal on Jan 29, 2020 10:53:06 AM

Data Science Africa

What does a new device, downloading of an app, signing up on a platform all have in common……the “accepting” of t’s & c’s. I, like many other unsuspecting individuals, blindly and unknowingly say “ok” to the t’s & c’s without fully understanding what they really mean or how my data will be used, let alone knowing the potential impact it could have on decisions I don’t make…..

I pretty much have my whole life in the cloud and I used to think that my personal data is low risk but then I watched a scary documentary recently called “The Great Hack”. Now, after having watched that, I am not so sure. If you have not seen it as yet, do so, its on Netflix and its well worth your time.

Yes I want to use data for the progression of the greater good for all, but after watching this documentary, I question whether I am kidding myself. Is it already too late for any good to come of it or is there still time to change direction……. #DavidCaroll #BrittanyKaiser #disillusioned

The firms that our consent is given to are the very same firms that are exploiting individuals beyond what we can imagine let alone even comprehend, hence “The Great Hack” was extremely terrifying for me.

Questions that came to my mind, “Did I ever have control of my data?”, “What does controlling my personal data even mean?”, “Can I stop or influence the use of my personal data in an irresponsible manner?”,“The role of regulation is meant to protect me, why am I so exposed, exploited?”, “Has the exploitation of individuals personal data gone to far to be stopped?”

What would it take for individuals to take back their power? I am curious as to what the sentiment is out there regarding personal data & how it should be used. Should we as individuals have a say on how our personal data can or cannot be used……..Is that perhaps what regulation, data privacy, data protection should be looking into?

What do you think?

#OwnYourData #selfmonetize-personaldata #DataRights=HumanRights #TheGreatHackonhumanity #nothinginlifeisfreeorfair

Written by Shalain Gopal, Data Science Manager, absa

Shalain will be presenting at Data Science & AI Africa 2019

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