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January, 31 2020

Corinium Meets: Quantum Metric Head of Behavioural Research Marina Shapira

CISO Africa

Ahead of her presentation at CDAO UK, we spoke with Quantum Metric’s Marina Shapira about predictive analytics, why companies should embrace a culture of experimentation and how CAOs and CXOs can work[...] Read More

January, 29 2020

The Connected Enterprise Holds The Keys To The King[CX]dom

CCO Africa customer360

Navigating A Digital World Read More

January, 29 2020

Will The Real Data Scientist Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up?

Datacon Africa CDAO Africa DataCon Dubai DataCon Dubai Insights Data Science Africa DataCon Government 2020 Data and Analytics

As the lyrics to the multiple award winning song ‘The Real Slim Shady’ by American rapper Eminem, aka Slim Shady, echoes in my head, I feel like this could be the theme song for the Data Scientists in[...] Read More

January, 29 2020

Data Scientists vs. Data Engineers

CDAO Africa DataCon Dubai DataCon Dubai Insights Data Science Africa

Very often, there is a confusion on the difference between Data Scientists and Data Engineers. Most organizations use the terms interchangeably thus causing further confusion between the exact roles a[...] Read More

January, 29 2020

Interview with Abigail Britton, Data Science Lead, Anheuser-Busch InBev

DataCon Dubai DataCon Dubai Insights Data Science Africa

Corinium’s data analytics events are designed to provide deep value to senior leaders and decision makers who are responsible for driving the strategic growth of data analytics within their organisati[...] Read More

January, 29 2020

Data: The New Weapon Against our Humanity

Data Science Africa

What does a new device, downloading of an app, signing up on a platform all have in common……the “accepting” of t’s & c’s. I, like many other unsuspecting individuals, blindly and unknowingly say “[...] Read More