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Chicken or Egg? How Vendors are Driving Digital Transformation

Written by Ryan Matthews

Chicken or Egg? How Vendors are Business Transformation

Written by Corinium on Aug 29, 2018 11:44:08 AM

FESA Insights

The digital transformation journey seems relatively clear for organisation looking at moving towards process automation, agile thinking across the business and the use of cognitive technologies, but while they might have a digital strategy in place, how are various It vendors aligning themselves to meet this need.


One could argue that the drive for digitisation is marketing speak, purported by vendors and consultancies, simply realigning their sales strategies. But the reality is that innovation is driving technology-enabled transformation, and most of this is coming from developers of all kinds. In “going digital” the doors are open to start-ups, disrupting the status quo, building niche products that bring excellent results. But, in the melee of finding position in the market, how does a tech firm stand out from the crowd?


From cloud platforms to robotic process automation to security, the winning software vendors are ones that are most open to adaptability and partnerships. As we move away from the hindrances of clunky legacy systems to fully automated organisations, a symbiotic approach from all stakeholders is necessary. The relationship between client and solutions provider has needed greater clarity and collaboration than now.


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Ryan Matthews is the Content Director for Corinium Intelligence MEA. His primary concern is to help companies and individuals navigate the mystifying path to digital nirvana.

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