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Facebook Insight - Using Data to Make Smarter Marketing Decisions

Written by Tony Evans, Marketing Science Director: MEA & Gaming, Facebook

Facebook Insight - Connecting your Data Science & Marketing Teams

Written by Tony Evans on May 23, 2019 7:57:11 AM

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Over it's lifetime Facebook has become possibly the biggest B2C/B2B marketing channel available to marketers. The platform is a mass generator of big customer data that holds immense potential value for making smarter marketing decisions. 

Presenting at CDAO Africa 2019

I'm excited to be presenting Facebook's insight into how to connect your Data Science and Marketing Teams at Chief Data & Analytics Officer Africa this year. The presentation is not aimed directly at Marketers but rather at data analytics leaders who work with marketing teams to help them make data driven decisions. 

I'll set the scene and introduce you to the marketing ecosystem layered with a brief history of the evolution of how data was used to measure the value of traditional (TV, radio, print) advertising. This will lead up to present day: the era of the data J-curve thanks to digital devices

What do Marketers want? 

We've got a deep understanding of the kinds of things Marketers want to use data to measure. As with most situations they're not trained up to actually wrangle the data and develop models that provide them with actionable insights. 

And that's the crux of the presentation...putting Data Scientists and Marketers on the same team. 

To demonstrate where this relationship has been successful I'll take you through a couple of case studies. Generally I like to use an example of testing creative as everyone loves to offer their opinion on the impact of creative on driving activity. 

Another area that I'll delve into is how causation is vital to get in-ad measurement but is really difficult because of the lack of persistent data. Corinium's research has shown that lack of access to large volumes of quality data is a typical challenge for a data analytics professional so this will give a different view of that challenge. 

It's important that Data Science Teams have a deeper insight into how the Facebook ad ecosystem works so they can use that knowledge to create accurate and effective models for the Marketing partners. 

Looking forward to seeing you at CDAO Africa 2019! 

Tony Evans is the Marketing Science Director at Facebook looking after the Middle East & Africa and Gaming. 

Here's a short piece on Tony's team:

We're a team of 50 which exists to help people understand how ads work on our family of apps and services relative to other advertising opportunities. The team exists to do 'good' measurement - honest, open, transparent tests to see whether the ads are working . We will always share what does and doesn't work : it's as important for us to learn what doesn't work in order to advise on what to do differently next time, or to feed back into product to make our ads better.


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