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A Journey to Becoming More Data-Driven

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The Journey to Becoming More Data-Driven - Cloudera

Written by Amy O'Connor on Jan 15, 2019 12:00:00 AM

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I’ve spent the last four years here at Cloudera talking with our customers about how to run their businesses better using their data and Cloudera’s products and services. Now I get to put my money where my mouth is – and turn my focus internally on how we at Cloudera can become more data-driven.

We aspire to and are on the journey to be the best-run company on data, and to be our own best reference. We’ve already done a lot; but are now – given our continued accelerated growth and success – investing more time, resources and energy into being as data-driven as our most successful customers.

When I assumed the role of CDIO at Cloudera in February this year , I took the opportunity to speak with a whole bunch of people across Cloudera – from Engineering, to Finance, Support, Marketing, Sales and our Technical Field people – about how well we currently are using data to run our company, and how everyone envisions how we should be using data to run our company.

We share the same obstacles that many organisations face – most of which are around data collection, data quality (or lack thereof), data governance as well as misalignment or miscommunication about who is responsible and accountable for managing and analysing different datasets and analytical outcomes.

What we all want from the data and analytics journey, is to:

  • Look at all customer interactions, understand customer journey holistically and from each functional view:
    • Determine which customers are most successful
    • Determine which touch points enabled success
    • Replicate success
  • Understand how customers are using our products and services to drive their innovation (e.g. their customer insights, connected products, risk mitigation)
    • Determine where to invest resources
    • Identify and influence big bets in the market
  • Mitigate risk to business – for example in Cybersecurity, and to ensure compliance with regulatory and consumer privacy policies and concerns

Our journey to becoming even more data-driven, is the same as what many of our customers are going through.  We think of it as falling into three big categories.  The first is visibility, the second is productivity and self-service; and the third is business transformation.  We recognise that getting to being data-driven doesn’t happen overnight – it’s a multi-year or even multi-decade journey.  As we accelerate our journey; we would share learnings and continue to help our customers profit from their data.

For more information on how Cloudera is powering the data age, go here.




About Amy O'Connor

Amy drives innovation by using data, new technologies, and cloud services to improve customer satisfaction, build and connect products and services, and mitigate risk as leader of a new cross-organizational team that includes business systems, data science, IT operations, and information security. Previously, she was a big data evangelist, responsible for positioning the business value of Cloudera products and services and leading the company's team of industry experts and business value consultants who advise and guide customers as they adopt. She also teamed with customers to identify and address potential process and organizational barriers that could impact adoption. Before joining Cloudera in 2013, Amy built and led the global big data and analytics team at Nokia, where she was an early Cloudera customer. Previously, she was vice president of services marketing at Sun Microsystems as well as head of strategy for the company’s software and storage business units. Amy holds a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of Connecticut and an MBA from Northeastern University’s Graduate School of Business Administration.



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