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What is the difference between Shared Services today and Shared Services in 2007?

Written by Corinium

What is the difference between Shared Services today and Shared Services in 2007?

Written by Corinium on Aug 12, 2019 8:46:51 AM

Shared Services Africa 2019

In 2007 I was asked to produce an event around shared services. I was awe struck at how many developments there were in the industry at that time. There was all this talk about significant cost benefits, enhanced service quality and manageable challenges. This was an exciting time. Companies were challenging common business models as they had to restructure their business due to decreasing customer loyalty and margin erosion. The shared service centre allowed for efficiencies of scale, synergy realisations and improved quality of service. One thing was certain, the bigger the firm the bigger the cost cutting. Six Sigma black and green belts were popping up everywhere and the focus was on streamlining processes and cutting the fat whilst bringing the high volume and low value services together. The areas of focus were predominantly financial, information technology and human resources.

In 2019 the shared services industry is once again in a frenzy with so many options and changes. Most companies have a shared services centre but technology-enabled automation of complex business processes has emerged as the differentiator. Most companies across Industry are embracing business process automation, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and intelligent automation.

In October, 20+ industry professionals will gather to share their insight and experience at a two day conference and one day pre-event focus day that will address all the challenges and opportunities that emerging technology can mean for organisations across industry.

Corinium Global intelligence have developed Shared Services Africa 2019 which is an event geared towards providing the shared services industry with information on the emerging technology that is disrupting the industry and how they can benefit from it.

Register now to attend the Shared Services Africa 2019 at The Focus Rooms, Sunninghill on 22-24 October 2019. For the most up-to-date agenda click here.  

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