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Global Innovators in Data & Analytics Top 100, 2022

Here at Corinium, we are passionate about elevating all voices within the Data & Analytics community!

We publish these lists to acknowledge the incredible work that’s being done to advance the cause of data and analytics across the globe, and to highlight the achievements of the individuals at the leading edge of innovation.

In addition to honoring the 100 brilliant executives who make up this year’s list, this report also contains exclusive interviews with 23 of them, highlighting their key achievements of 2021, the challenges they’ve overcome along the way, and their goals for 2022.

It truly provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate the amazing people within our world of data & analytics.

Previous Top 100 Alumni include Katia Walsh, Chief AI & Strategy Officer, Levis Strauss, Dan Costanza, Chief Data Scientist, Citi, Dante Tellez, CDAO, Chubb, Shreya Goswami, CDO, ABSA, and many more!

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See below the featured interviews from our 2022 100! 

Haroon-Abbu-PhD-3 Haroon Abbu PhD, VP, Digital, Data and Analytics at automation equipment manufacturer and service provider Bell and Howell, shares how he accelerated the company’s digital transformation in 2021 and the challenges he’s facing in 2022.

Bell and Howell has a long history of innovation. As one of the largest service organizations in North America, we are leveraging state-of-the-art technology – from robotics to machine learning - to provide remote equipment monitoring, servicing, and analytics. ... Read more here
Zachery Anderson, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at NatWest, shares his key achievements to date and strategic goals for 2022.

I would say that the way the team has come together across the bank during the pandemic while also driving transformation around data and analytics has been pretty incredible. They’ve been juggling homeschooling and working from home and at the same time really aggressively changing the agenda within the bank. That’s amazing... Read more here.
Sanjeevan-Bala Sanjeevan Bala, Group Chief Data and AI Officer at ITV, shares his key achievements to date and strategic goals for 2022.

There are three big ones. The first is how we went about articulating our strategy. ITV, at its core, is a commissioning producer and distributor. So, in everything we do it’s all about storytelling, it’s all about great content and we’re fundamentally a creative business. Data science within a creative business can feel a bit like chalk and cheese... Read more here.
Inderpal Bhandari PhD, Global Chief Data Officer at computing giant IBM shares his key achievements to date as well as his strategic goals for 2022.

In the past 24 months, the IBM Global Chief Data Office (GCDO) continued to accelerate the adoption of trusted, enterprise-wide datasets and data standards, advancing IBM’s efforts to embed AI across our business. Our transformation journey of applying AI into our major business processes... Read more here. 
Maritza-Curry-1 Maritza Curry, Head of Data at BNP Paribas Personal Finance South Africa (RCS Group), shares her key achievements to date and strategic goals for 2022.

Over the last 18 months, we have formulated an enterprise data strategy, secured investment, onboarded a dedicated team and delivered our first use cases.  Our data strategy is all about people – ensuring better customer experience by enabling our BI and analytics community to make better decisions, driven by data democratization. Read more here.
Sarah Gadd, Head of Data and AI Solutions at Credit Suisse, shares how she’s demystifying data science, advancing its data strategy in partnership with its Group Chief Data Officer and accelerating the company’s path to the cloud

Part of what I've been doing for the last 12-24 months is helping people understand the fact that AI or machine learning, which is pretty much what we use right now, is not some scary robots in the room. We're not talking about Robocop. What we're talking about here are things can that actually help people and inform people with better decisions. Read more here. 

Shreya-Goswami-3 Shreya Goswami, Chief Data & AI Officer (Middle East & Africa) at Microsoft shares her key achievements to date and strategic goals for 2022

What stood out for me is the number of people that we have reached out to in a short space of time, educating them, making them aware of what they can do with data analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing. Previously I could only do that within a limited network. Being at Microsoft gives me a huge platform to do this... Read more here. 
Thierry Grima, Group Chief Analytics Officer at ENGIE, shares his key achievements to date and strategic goals for 2022

I’m part of the data transformation program, which is challenging in a decentralized organization like ENGIE. Furthermore, the current sanitary situation doesn’t help when I am onboarding people from different cities and countries with very limited to no physical interactions with them. To make sense of this, we identified three different data communities in the organization... Read more here. 
Being the first Chief Data and AI Officer for Australia’s biggest telecommunications company has positioned Noel Jarrett to drive exciting change for the country’s communications and digital future 

I’m proud to have been appointed as Telstra’s inaugural Chief Data and AI Officer, having been recognized for my skillset and track record of accelerating operational transformation in highly complex technology environments typically experienced with pioneering challenges, such as those posed by data and analytics, AI and machine learning... Read more here. 
Deepak Jose, Global Director of Demand Analytics at Mars, shares his key achievements to date and strategic goals for 2022 

When I started on board at Mars, we were doing a fantastic job at descriptive and diagnostic analytics, which essentially focus on what is happening in the business and why it is happening. A priority over the last 12-24 months was to move towards predictive and prescriptive analytics, which ask what is going to happen in the future and what are the actions we should take? This means prioritizing finding the right problem to solve over solving the problem... Read more here. 
Maciej Kaliszka, Absa's Head of Analytics for Corporate and Investment Banking, Pan-Africa, shares his key achievements of the past two years and strategic goals for 2022

Overall, we managed to showcase the power and value of data and analytics, in partnership with various business areas. This empowered our team to drive data and analytics as a top priority and a key enabler to move our business forward. Absa has been around for a very long time and previously treated data as an afterthought or a means to an end... Read more here. 
Aleksandar Lazarevic PhD, VP of Advanced Analytics and Data Engineering at Stanley Black & Decker, shares his key achievements to date and strategic goals for 2022. 

Being part of a company that offers a wide range of products and services to our customers, our centralized analytics organization also works on many product areas including problems in supply chain management, pricing, e-commerce, sales and marketing, and procurement. We recently also started to work in people analytics. Read more here. 
Nollie Maoto, Executive Head: Business Intelligence, Analytics, Planning and Monitoring at FNB South Africa, shares her proudest achievements of 2021 and strategic goals for 2022 

There were two. One of them was winning the Strategic African Women In Leadership Trailblazers Award last year, as the fourth overall winner of the awards. I got it for outstanding leadership with regards to female-centered transformation, inclusion and trying to reduce the gender pay gap. I'm extremely passionate about closing the gender gap, especially in the tech industry and, more importantly, in the data industry. So, it helps to be recognized for those efforts. Read more here. 
Paul Morley, Group Data Services Executive at Nedbank, shares his top achievements of 2021 and why AIOps and upskilling data team members will be his priorities in 2022 

There are two things. The first is realizing the impact I’ve had on people as a coach and mentor. A young man I had a chat with about a year and a half ago recently made contact again to thank me for the impact that conversation had on him. I was really proud of that moment because when you reflect, you realize that the little things can actually change someone’s direction in life. Read more here. 


Sahar Nezami, Senior Director of Advanced Analytics and Data Management, Internal Audit at CIBC, shares her achievements in the last year and what she’s focused on for 2022 

I run the data analytics team in internal audit, and we have a lot of authority, and we have a lot of scope. So, we support all the audits that are done on the entire organization, meaning we have a 360-degree view of the entire bank. In addition, we have access to any data anywhere at any time in the organization. So, we work with a very large-scale environment. Read more here. 
New South Wales Government Chief Data Scientist Ian Oppermann PhD is playing a key role in guiding the Australian government's digital transformation, driving better analytics into numerous sectors to improve outcomes for citizens

In the past couple of years, we’ve launched the New South Wales NS Data Strategy (2021), and the NSW AI Strategy (2020). We’ve also released a smart cities strategy (2020), so there are three major initiatives that are the result of a lot of work and wide consultation. Read more here. 
Jawad Raza, SVP - Head of Data Analytics, Big Data, AI at Meezan Bank, shares how he advanced the Pakistan-based bank's data strategy in 2021 and his goals for 2022 

My biggest achievement was making the bank’s greenfield big data AI project live with about four use cases, including machine learning use cases. You know, you read stats such as ‘82% of all big data projects fail’, so you feel the odds stacked against you. So, when you deliver a project which has never been done before in the organization, it’s a huge achievement. Read more now. 
Rogayeh Tabrizi, CEO and Founder of technology consultancy Theory+Practice, shares her top achievements of 2021 and strategic goals for 2022 

I have a very specialized team. We come from a broad range of disciplines. I'm a physicist and economist, and I have several other people who have very similar backgrounds to me. There are also computer specialists and data scientists.  I feel very proud when I think about how a very culturally, intellectually and professionally diverse group of people has come together and learned the languages of each other and our clients with humility and curiosity. Read more here.
Harleen Thethy, Head of Analytics at BBC Global News brand BBC StoryWorks, shares how the news publisher’s analytics strategy matured in 2021, her views on analytics leadership and her top priority for 2022 

A few years ago, BBC Global News created an initiative to help local youth into employment by collaborating with local schools and charities to find candidates suitable for internships and training. During the height of COVID-19, an intern joined my team, who didn’t come from a data background... Read more here.
Peggy Tsai, Chief Data Officer at data management company BigID, shares her key achievements of the past 12-24 months and how she plans to continue supporting other Chief Data Officers in 2022

I’ve spent my career as a data governance practitioner working in the financial services industry and a lot of the challenges we face have been the manual tasks that need to be done to manage data lineage, data quality and our data governance dictionary. Many of these activities can be automated or supported by AI machine learning. Read more here. 
Geraldine Wong PhD, Chief Data Officer for soon-to-launch GXS, is passionate about building solid data processes and governance into the future of digital banking from the ground up  
It’s been a busy 12 months since I joined GXS, which has been awarded one of Singapore’s four digital bank licenses by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). I was one of the first few appointed within the bank, as the Chief Data Officer. Read more here. 
Natalia Lyarskaya PhD, Chief Data Officer at financial services company ZestMoney, shares her top achievements of 2021, her plans for 2022 and her advice for aspiring data leaders

The first one is the complete restructuring of our data science capabilities. They were previously coupled with the credit risk strategy vertical because, initially, the key use case for applying data science was the data- and algorithms-driven credit underwriting process (i.e. how we onboard new customers and how we take decisions about their credit line, interest rates, etc). Read more here.