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Healthcare & Patient Data 2020

How America’s Top Healthcare Data Leaders Are Enhancing Patient Care and Experiences

Integrating AI and data-driven insights into Electronic Health Records is fueling a revolution in the US healthcare system. This exclusive report highlights how new technologies are already starting to transform patient care, with commentary from four data leaders who spoke at the 2020 Patient Data Summit.

Marshfield Clinic Health System CDAO Greg Robinson outlines why “interoperability” is currently the word on every healthcare data leader’s lips and stresses the need for shared data standards.

Morgan Templar, VP Data Management at HM Health Solutions, reveals where she believes healthcare providers should be investing to optimize patient experiences in 2020.

Tim Carey, Director of Data and Performance Analytics at Bane Care Management, argues that healthcare organizations must prioritize data literacy to unlock the value of patient data. What’s more, MercyFirst CDO Besa Bauta explores why AI technologies must play a central role in the future of healthcare.


  • Besa Bauta, CDO, MercyFirst
  • Greg Robinson, CDAO, Marshfield Clinic Health System
  • Morgan Templar, VP Data Management, HM Health Solutions
  • Tim Carey, Director of Data and Performance Analytics, Bane Care Management