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Left and Right of Boom in Cybersecurity, 2022

What is 'Left of Boom' Cybersecurity?

An increasingly hostile threat landscape demands that organisations balance incident detection and response methods with preventative measures. 

The strategy of putting controls in place to mitigate potential threats before systems can be compromised has been described as “moving left”. It can also be described as “Left of Boom” cybersecurity, wherein the ‘boom’ represents an incident.  

In this report, we sought to explore the extent to which cybersecurity leaders in Australia and New Zealand are responding to threats and attacks with preventative, Left of Boom measures.

We surveyed 100 cybersecurity professionals in the region and interviewed six cybersecurity leaders to understand the extent that such measures are being put into place, as well as the events they are trying to defend against the most.

Our findings suggest that ransomware remains one of the key threats that cybersecurity leaders are focused on. We also found that while some cybersecurity practices mix preventative and responsive measures, many strategies are skewed one way more than the other. 

We also found that while many cybersecurity leaders have security engineering capabilities in place, there is also a large percentage that do not. However, building out more preventative security measures in the next 12 months is a priority for almost half of those surveyed.

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Contributors include:

  • Christoph Strizik, Chief Information Security Officer, Origin Energy

  • Bradley Busch, Chief Information Security Officer, Tyro Payments

  • Asjad Athick, Senior Security Specialist, Australia and New Zealand, Elastic

  • Kathryn Green, Chief Information Security Officer, Australian Radiation Protection And Nuclear Safety Agency

  • Jonathan Owen, Acting Chief Technology Officer, ACT Government

  • Elrich Engel, Director Cyber Security (CISO), AMP

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