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17 Quotes on Big Data and Analytics that Will Open Your Eyes to Reality

Written by Corinium

17 Quotes on Big Data and Analytics that Will Open Your Eyes to Reality

Written by Corinium on Sep 17, 2017 10:38:00 AM

Data and Analytics

There are times when perception is not a clear representation of reality. Take for example the topic of Big Data and Analytics. The perception is that this ushers in a brave new world where there is actionable intelligence, on-demand data and sexy graphs and charts popping up on our computer screens on the fly. While this could be a reality for some, this is certainly not the case for many – at least, not yet.

In the course of our conversations with noted Chief Data Officers, Chief Analytics Officers and Chief Data Scientists for our conferences and events, some priceless gems of knowledge had been uncovered. Knowledge that can only come from people who’ve actually been on the front lines and understand Big Data and Analytics, warts and all. Here are 17 quotes that will inspire you in your own journey and open your eyes to reality.


1. The reality that ‘real-time’ is not necessarily good all the time.

1-300x1502. The reality that data governance is an absolute must.
2-300x1503. The reality that personalization is the name of the game.

3-300x1424. The reality that CDOs/CAOs/CDSs need to be leaders more than anything.

5. The reality that acceptance to data-driven decision making takes consistent effort.
6. The reality that a CEO buy-in is absolutely important.
7. The reality that the success of Big Data relies heavily on people.
8. The reality that change can only happen when you change yourself.
8-300x1519. The reality that data and analytics cannot succeed if it’s used as a tool for punishment.
9-300x14910. The reality that data analytics is not an option. It’s a must.
10-300x15111. The reality that cool is in.
11-300x14612. The reality that data breach comes from all angles.
12-300x14513. The reality that quick wins must happen for long term gain to be sustained.
13-300x15114. The reality that ‘data ownership’ is passé in today’s environment.
14-300x15015. The reality that privacy must be ensured at all times.
 16. The reality that Big Data will be available to everyone and not just a few select individuals.
15-300x14817. The reality that expectations today are greater than ever before.

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