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CDAO Melbourne 2018

Written by Corinium

CDAO Melbourne 2018

Written by Corinium on Sep 12, 2018 3:32:34 AM

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After the close of CDAO Melbourne 2018, the events Chair, Jon Catling, shared with us his thoughts and ideas about the event.

Here is what Jon had to say in the build up to the event: 

I have been watching the CDO space for 10 years and an active participant either as presenter or delegate at the corinium conferences in London Singapore and Singapore for five of those. This year is my first Australian event and my first, representing a membership group for chief data officers and so I have a different from usual perspective and expectation walking into Melbourne.

I do have to say that over the year I've been back in Australia I don't get a positive sense of appreciation of commitment from Australian business. 28th of February pass by as a whisper while GDP are rang loudly in the night. So for me I'm looking to challenge my peers.

I'm very interested to see what the conferences extensive and challenging program is going to initiate and how well the vision for the future of Australian Data is being determined. The program itself is exciting and with a full day devoted to better governance suggests an offering of depth. The 2 days following are filled with multiple tracks across multiple topics blending vendor participation interspersed with Data and Analytics stories.

So a good program but I am looking for participation, diversity, a willingness to tell both successful and unsuccessful stories, admissions of confusion or lack of vision, of concerns towards perceiving the future. Can we effectively create a sense of Predictive Analytics on the experiences of the CDAO and create the extrapolation for that future. Am I going to see the elements of the professional in the behaviour of all these people at the conference?


After the event, Jon shared with us his reflection on CDAO Melbourne:

Having said all that I'd did prior to the conference, I'll take this time to reflect and to describe how the event unfolded for me and my reflections watching and listening to the experiences of the delegates.

What a wake up call. Firstly, it was the energy I noticed. It was almost explosive. The buzz in the room and in the exhibition areas was visceral. Secondly the two distinct experiences were exactly as I had hoped. The focus day was up close & personal. I felt people wanted to say much more, to share their experiences, to reflect on failures, to learn. Many people who could only make the Tuesday and Wednesday and missed the Monday were visibly disappointed in missing that day because of what the delegates who were there, were talking about. This in itself is not unusual for a conference but still, it shows the level of intensity and engagement from this group in what is still a new profession.

Tuesday and Wednesday focused on product and shared experiences with the streams too numerous to choose easily which indicates to me the level of topical engagement necessary to understand and develop the appropriate strategy for me as a professional and for my industry/business.

So did it meet my expectations? Yes and exceeded it by far. Everyone, across the professional spectrum from grumpy data manager such as myself to the fully automated AI startup visionary was reflected, and in doing so provided multiple views, experiences, architectural and technical solutions, management frameworks and technology. And managed to do so without getting lost. This conference experience really nail the CDAO experience for me.


Throughout the event, Corinium staff had a chat with a number of delegates, to hear their thoughts regarding CDAO Melbourne, here's what they had to say:


Why did you set time out of your day to attend the event?

I wanted to hear from other organisations as well as from experts from respective departments regarding how they implement their data and analytics initiatives. - Marco Delgado, Group Manager, Marketing Experience, Monash University.


As I work in an isolated area, CDAO Melbourne presented me with a fantastic opportunity to see what other companies are doing to help increase my awareness of the technology these companies are using and investing in. - Ian Pollock, Chief Data Officer, NT Department of Health.


I wanted to better understand the key trends and issues that other organisations are facing in data and analytics. - Justin Ward, Head of Business Insights - ANZ, Specsavers.


 I feel that by attending CDAO Melbourne, it will help with my career development, give me a greater understanding of new industry trends and topics, allow me to hear what issues other organisations face as well as hearing about the solutions to fix these issues. - Hoang Tam Vo, Senior Data Scientist, Victorian Agency for Health Information.


As I will be speaking at the upcoming conference in Sydney, I wanted to get an understanding of how the event was run. More importantly, CDAO Melbourne has provided me with a great platform to network with data and analytics colleagues who share similar challenges as myself. - Lionel Kho, Head of Analytics & Insight, NAB.


This is my second year attending CDAO Melbourne, it's great to come here to validate the trends and ideas discussed around my organisation, and also to gain a higher exposure to new products and innovations. - Scott Murray, Data Analyst, ATO.


What key topics are you taking back to the office from the event?

That there's a shift away from data governance and instead a push for more towards artificial intelligence and machine learning - which is relevant to the shift in recent data and analytics trends - Scott Murray, Data Analyst, ATO.


Integration, Policy, Change Management - Marco Delgado, Group Manager, Marketing Experience, Monash University.


Data Governance - Ian Pollock, Chief Data Officer, NT Department of Health.


Data Governance - Hoang Tam Vo, Senior Data Scientist, Victorian Agency for Health Information.


Understanding how data and analytics feeds back into CX - Lionel Kho, Head of Analytics & Insight, NAB.


As a speaker, what were you looking to get out of attending CDAO Melbourne?

It's a fantastic networking opportunity, it allows me to meet a range of different people all relevant to my line of work. At Uber we are always looking for growth and development, and we find that at events such as CDAO Melbourne, we could use the networking sessions to find people that we are looking to work with. Additionally, I love presenting, being able to travel and see new places is always fun. - Mario Vinasco, Manager Marketing Analytics and Data Science, Uber.

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