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Interview with Genevy Dimitrion (SVP, Chief Data Steward, STATE STREET)

Written by Corinium on Oct 12, 2018 11:09:54 AM

IBM CDO Summit Insights Data and Analytics

Ahead of the IBM Chief Data Officer Summit, Fall 2018 we caught up with one of the 50+ speakers; Genevy Dimitrion, who is SVP & Chief Data Steward at State Street and responsible for the company’s data governance strategy. Ahead of her appearance at the complimentary event, we caught up with her to find out more about her daily role, her passion for data governance and how her biggest idols in life are her parents. 

Can you tell us more about what your role as SVP & Chief Data Steward at State Street comprises?
“I am responsible for creating and driving Data Governance adoption across the enterprise. This entails establishing formal accountability for data, building a community, creating standard processes, tools and services to enable self-service governance by each area.”

What would a typical day be for you?
“Very busy! As I engage across the enterprise everybody has data challenges so where do they start? They start with my team. We are very effective in connecting data providers and data consumers together to enable the dialog around data so that there is awareness of what data is, how it can be used, if there are restrictions, what are quality expectations and so on. We are constantly communicating and driving the message around governance and trying to work with teams to help them understand the value and how it can align to day to day activities.”

What’s your favourite way to spend a 20 minute break from work?
“Crafting, since my brain is always working to solve problems I love to create unique items for my family and friends.”

You have worked at State Street for more than 15 years – how has the company’s use of data changed in that time?
“Absolutely, in the early years data was everywhere, now we have a lot of structure around our data.”

Your experience is within the financial services market. What excites you most about the use of data in this sector?
“The challenge around how the same data can be used differently by various consumers. The ability to help the creation of a common meaning around data and help bridge the gap different areas are facing.”

You are taking part in a keynote panel addressing one of the key issues for businesses – how to get non-data executives excited about data. How do you do this within your role?
“I do a lot of listening and translating. The way to get people excited is to help them understand how data governance can be one of the solutions to their problems. It is really important that we recognize that one size does not fit all and that it is important that we constantly work with our partners to understand their challenges and how we can help to drive activities to enable better transparency into data to help resolve.”

How important is it to engage non-data specialists as to the importance of data and what are the biggest challenges in doing so?
“Extremely important, ultimately data is used by all so it is important to understand all the uses of data across all areas. You would be surprised on how many great ideas and opportunities come from working with these areas. Data Governance requires a culture change which means everybody has to be invested in solving the problem.”

What’s the most exciting opportunity that data allows?
“Insights and opportunities. There is so much data around us, the ability to curate and look at it in different ways and from different perspectives opens us up to so many more opportunities.”

What’s an interesting fact about you that people may not know?
“I love to cook and make up creative dishes for my family.”

If you could meet any of your idols who would it be and why?
“Initially I thought I have too many and wouldn’t know where to start but actually I already met them. It’s my parents.” 

Genevy Dimitrion is taking part in a Keynote Panel at the IBM CDO Summit, Fall 2018 in Boston, November 14-15.. The sessions is entitled 'Overcoming the Language Barrier - Using ‘Data Translators’ to Communicate Between Data Scientists and Non-Data Executives'.

If you would like to join Genevy and 120+ other C-suite Data & Analytics leaders at the complimentary event, please submit an application today.

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