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Interview with FBAlliance Insurance CDAO Guru Rao



FBAlliance Insurance Chief Data and Analytics Officer Guru Rao talks about building the insurance company from the ground up with data in its DNA.

He says: “The goal of data and analytics is to really help employees make decisions using data and information from our business operations, which is sometimes very difficult for companies that have been operating for a long period of time or have a very large global operation.”

“We decided that we would start off on the right footing and make sure that every employee in the company gets access to information and insight every day at close of business,” he continues. “In 2017, we accomplished that by generating business intelligence and detailed information that is at the finger tips of our employees.”

  • Guru Rao became FBAlliance Insurance’s CDAO in 2016. Before that, he spent three years as AIG’s Global Catastrophe Risk Management Officer, Commercial Lines.