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Four Key Takeaways from Customer Champions Online, USA

Written by Catherine King

Four Key Takeaways from Customer Champions Online, USA

Written by Catherine King on Apr 3, 2020 10:58:39 AM

Customer Experience and Management

Corinium Production Manager Catherine King summarizes the key insights she discovered while moderating our first ever Customer Champions Online, USA event

Incentivize Customer-Centric Sales Engagements

Grant Smith, Head of Sales Performance Management Product Marketing at SAP Customer Experience, made the case for incentivizing salespeople to develop a deep understanding of each customer’s specific needs:

  • Smith outlined why having a fully transparent and justified incentive program can make the difference between keeping and losing your top sales talent
  • He argued that everyone now expects a personalized customer experience. So, if you aren’t making strides to achieve this, you’re already behind the curve
  • He suggested that organizations need to embed customer-centric incentives into every aspect of their cultures to truly align and mobilize their employees

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Humanize the Customer Feedback Process

In his virtual ‘fireside chat’, Bureau Veritas Group CXO Lawrence Levinson walked our audience through the cultural transformation steps he’s put in place to put the emotion back into the group’s customer interactions:

  • Levinson argued that being objectively ‘better’ than your competitors does not protect you from losing business. Customers side with the brands they have the best experiences with
  • He outlined why taking a human-centric approach to customer experience is crucial if you want to build meaningful, emotional relationships with your customers
  • Finally, he showed us why asking for feedback and then ignoring it can be far worse than never asking for feedback in the first place

You Need to Build a Fan-Centric Brand

Michael Williams, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer at independent ice hockey league 3ICE, revealed how he’s using his experience working in the NFL to make 3ICE the most customer centric league in the world today:

  • Williams outlined how the concept of ‘fandom’ can be applied well beyond the world of sports. When it comes to consumer, behavior brand loyalty often overrides considerations like cost or quality
  • He showed that the power of social networks in consumer purchasing is immense – every consumer has a voice in today’s interconnected digital landscape
  • What’s more, he argued that ‘brand purpose’ is much more than a marketing talking point. You absolutely must have a clear understanding of the 'why' behind your brand

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CX Leaders Must Overcome Legacy Hurdles

Allison Paine Landers, Head of Customer Experience at life insurance and financial services company Prudential, revealed how she’s navigating entangled legacy systems and processes to remain at the cutting edge of CX innovation:

  • Landers used her presentation to issue a warning: Consumers compare the performance of all brands and don’t care what legacy challenges a specific company is grappling with
  • She argued that CX leaders need to build systems from scratch, while also straightening out the “spaghetti” of legacy. Neither will be successful on its own
  • She recommended asking customers for validation directly. They’ll tell you if you need to change. Just because they are using a system or process, doesn’t mean they like it!

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Corinium's first ever Customer Champions Online, USA event took place from March 23-26 2020. View three of the sessions on-demand now right here.

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