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Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Ben Jones

Written by Craig Steward

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Ben Jones

Written by Craig Steward on May 26, 2020 7:32:50 AM

Datacon Africa Data and Analytics

This is episode 3 of Data Conversations Over Coffee and we're speaking to Ben Jones. 

Ben is the Founder & CEO of a consultancy called Data Literacy based in Seattle, Washington. Perfectly named Data Literacy aims to address data-phobia and help people of all industries and disciplines obtain the knowledge and skills they need to confidently participate in the dialogue around them and to help organizations and communities realize the promise of a data-driven culture.

Like me Ben is also passionate about coffee - although in this episode I'm having a glass of red wine (it was at night). He's even more passionate about improving data literacy. 

In this video he shares his top 5 tips for becoming data literate - they are:

  1. Surround yourself with other people wanting to learn the language of data
  2. Embrace the uncertainty that comes with learning to "speak data" and data itself
  3. Trust your own experience - you're not entering an entirely new world
  4. It's not all about tools but learn the tools and work with data yourself
  5. Find your best learning style! 


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