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Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Itumeleng Monale

Written by Craig Steward

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Itumeleng Monale

Written by Craig Steward on May 25, 2020 2:48:47 PM

Datacon Africa Data and Analytics

In episode 8 we talk to Itumeleng who is a dynamic and driven data analytics leader who's on a mission to digitise records management...while drinking herbal tea infusions. 



I met up with Itumeleng earlier this year, in person...remember that?, as she was embarking on a project to digitise records management across the bank. In the near 5 years that I've been interacting with data analytics leaders this was the first time I'd come across someone who was focused on this area. 

So, I thought it would be great to catch up with her over a cup of coffee to see how the project is progressing. 

Some of the key areas Itumeleng covers during our conversation are:

  • How digitisation of records has improved Customer Experience by creating a single view of the customer
  • How the business has been demanding data quality because they've realised how it reduces friction in business processes
  • How the bank has developed a data academy to improve data literacy across all levels


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Data Quality Training Online 

About the Course

In an age where data analytics is used to drive decision making across every facet of a business ensuring the quality of your data is paramount to your organisation's success. The adage "garbage in, garbage out" may be cliched but it describes, perfectly, the critical importance of high quality data being fed into sophisticated models. 

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The course structure is 8 modules spread over 4 days by our leading trainers - Diana Joseph and Joe Newbert. The 8 modules are:

  1. Data Quality Awareness
  2. Data Quality in Context
  3. Data Assessment
  4. Business & User Requirements
  5. Data Measurement
  6. Data Correction
  7. Problem Prevention
  8. Context of Data Management


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