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Catherine King

#WeAreCorinium: An insight into the people and culture of Corinium Global Intelligence

Our #WeAreCorinium blog offers weekly insight into the people and culture at Corinium Global Intelligence. Search for #WeAreCorinium on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram for more posts, and excerpts from our internal Slack channel, Corinstagram!

Catherine King

Posts by Catherine King :

July, 01 2019

“Story telling – That’s what takes them to the next level…” How we Achieve Success here at Corinium Access

#wearecorinium Corinium Access Event Management

The growth in data has been unimaginable and with that comes technological potential that’s never been seen before. With 500 million tweets, (Twitter) 249 Billion Emails (Radical Group) and 65 billion[...] Read More

June, 27 2019

Customer Experience isn't just for the CX Department

#wearecorinium Event Management

Customers have taken the reins and they aren’t looking back. A transformation has occurred from the Product based economy to an Experience Economy; no longer is having a great product enough for Custo[...] Read More

March, 01 2019

Company Culture: The Crux of Remote Based Working?


Company culture has grown to be one of the most important features of talent acquisition, retention and development. I think we have all heard horror stories from those who work for an organization wh[...] Read More

January, 23 2019

Myth-Busting Remote Working: Part 2


  The last article I wrote regarding myth-busting remote working proved to be quite popular so I have decided to do a second article. If you haven’t read the first one, you can find it here.   Read More

November, 05 2018

Myth Busting Remote Working: Part 1


It’s well documented through my LinkedIn profile that I work from home; from photos of my morning cups of tea, to the sun blasting in through my office window. Read More