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Customer Experience isn't just for the CX Department

Written by Catherine King on Jun 27, 2019 2:42:00 PM

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Customers have taken the reins and they aren’t looking back. A transformation has occurred from the Product based economy to an Experience Economy; no longer is having a great product enough for Customer retention & loyalty.

There is a strong consumer desire for a tailor-made and human experience. Which explains why companies who are embracing this are doing incredibly well - and also why those who are resisting this shift are not doing so well...

Humanization is the next step from personalization. Consumers don't just want an email that auto fills Hello {FirstName}, I see you work at {Company} - they want to be treated as real people, and are moving towards companies who do this.

But what does this mean for Customer Experience?

As we know Customer Experience is complex… There are a plethora of reasons why a Customer may leave a 3* review on a product. Everything from the order was delayed in the mail, to the packaging being uninspiring – neither of which are actually the fault of the product. There needs to be a deeper understanding of these idiosyncrasies to fully understand the customer's journey.

When I say Customer Journey I can physically feel the eye rolls of anyone who has attended a CX conference in the last 5 years – I don’t mean go away and write up a Customer Journey Map, I know you’ve probably done that. But, what I would like to ask is have you revisited that map? Do you fully understand those smaller idiosyncratic bite-size experiences that go on to inform an entire feeling of the whole experience?

All your touch points and communications with the customer - are they done in the same voice, allowing a two-way dialogue to occur between yourself and them? Are all your department's in sync with each other ensuring there isn't miscommunication to the Customer? Do you listen to your customer's feedback and act upon it... In some cases, I feel I should as do you even look at your Customer feedback?

Not all companies are committed to diving into the depths of their Customers Experiences and learning from them…

Only 19% of businesses have a customer experience team tasked with bridging gaps in the business.
(Genesys State of CX Report)

After speaking with a number of CxO's and Vendors in this space I think there is one overarching reason that this is such a prevalent issue. Culture. To truly achieve an in-depth understanding an internal shift needs to occur where everyone is a Customer Champion and feels responsible for the Experience of their Customers.

From the expert programming the analytics behind the Chat-bot to the Customer Service Professional who helps them at the checkout. Each person that interacts with the Customer needs to understand the macro journey and how their puzzle piece impacts the entire picture. Only then will we see these gaps in business connect as a whole process, rather than being viewed in Silos with the CX department (if one even exists) picking up the messy pieces at the end. 

Customer Experience isn't just for the Customer Experience Department, it's for everyone.


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Catherine King, Production Manager, Corinium Access



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