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How we Keep our Finger on the Pulse to Ensure Consistent Delivery

Written by Michelle Meldau on Jul 1, 2019 2:22:14 PM

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At Corinium our team members live and breathe their events. They are all constantly engaged in the latest news, content and have their finger on the pulse of change at all times. Each department specializes in their area, so we caught up with Michelle Meldau, to hear her thoughts surrounding the process she goes through to ensure consistent high quality delivery from the Sponsorship perspective towards our events. 

The ICT events industry is a cut-throat environment with a huge number of companies vying for the same marketing spend. So, how do you ensure that you stand out from the rest? It’s not as complex as it may appear and can be as simple as 1, 2, 3 – research, understand and deliver.


Research is critical. Whilst the easy option would be to immediately target the usual multinational companies, there are a vast number of slightly smaller organisations with the same appetite for business leads and networking.

My point of departure is to look at competitors’ website to determine who they have as sponsors, researching specific verticals and sectors and using news sites to identify potential new clients.

The second step is to determine where they fit into in my portfolio. This would depend on their industry or the specific technologies they focus on. I then spend time understanding their products and solutions to determine whether they would be a good fit for our events, whether they would appeal to our event attendees and whether we can add value to their business.

Once I have done my research and identified potential clients, my focus turns to identifying the correct person within the organisation. In some cases, it will be marketing, but in others, specifically in larger multinational organisations, I have found that often the final decision lies with specific business units when it comes to marketing budget relating specifically to their solutions.


I have a very client-focused approach to selling. I believe in securing face-to-face meetings, because you can connect with the client. At the meeting I will explore what the client’s needs, strategies and objectives are as well as who they want to get in front of. I then take that information and identify which events within our portfolio would meet their needs and put together a proposal with an in-depth explanation around why we believe this would be of value to them. Throughout the process I remain in close contact with the client until the deal is closed.


At Corinium we believe that content and quality are integral to success. When a client comes on board, they are immediately put into contact with their dedicated content producer who shapes and identifies the topics of the relevant event they are involved in. We also believe that it is more effective to host smaller events, with high quality delegates. Our content producers invest a vast amount of time in building relationships across the various verticals and specific designations, which ensures that attract the right audiences, enabling our clients to speak to the right people. We also give our clients the opportunity to provide us with their wish lists of individuals and companies they would like to target. A key differentiator for Corinium is that we are very targeted in our approach, which is critical if you want to deliver a quality audience for your clients.

I take it on myself to keep my finger on the pulse of what is happening. I stay in constant touch with the client to determine whether we are delivering on what was promised, so that if there are any deviations, we can immediately remedy the situation to ensure that things run smoothly.

My greatest strength and passion lie in building long-term relationships with clients. I also get a huge kick out of seeing a well-executed event, followed by clients rebooking for the next event immediately afterwards. It gives me great satisfaction to know that our deliver, as Corinium, is on point and they keep coming back for more.

Michelle Meldau

Michelle Meldau, Sponsorship Manager, MEA - Corinium Global Intelligence 




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