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The ASEAN Appetite for Data in Motion Survey Report


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Cloudera - The ASEAN Appetite for Data in Motion

Written by Corinium on Apr 17, 2019 12:00:00 AM


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The Big Data revolution has been surprisingly rapid. Even five years ago many companies were still asking the question, “What is Big Data?” We were consistently being told that data science would be the “sexiest” job of the century but finding a data scientist to implement a Big Data project was difficult to do. The early days of Big Data were defined by building massive data stores, or data lakes of unstructured data that were searchable in ways and at speeds that were not previously possible.
These massive repositories of unstructured Big Data, often based on Hadoop, were populated with historical data, with analysis happening on data collected from hours, days, weeks or even years in the past.
Companies that want to be at the forefront of the data driven revolution need to be thinking about analysing data in motion if they are not already doing so.
Download this commissioned survey of 100 ASEAN companies to understand whether they are ready to move to the next step in the Big Data revolution.

Download  the Report

The ASEAN Appetite for Data in Motion. 




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