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Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Matthew Bernath

Written by Craig Steward

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Matthew Bernath

Written by Craig Steward on Apr 30, 2020 8:58:20 AM

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Matthew Bernath, host of the Financial Modelling podcast, discusses why ensuring data is high quality remains a key challenge for businesses today with Corinium's Craig Steward

Data and Coffee: Two Things That Demand the Highest Quality

Matthew and I are self-confessed coffee snobs. We're OK with this. The thing you need to kick-start your day, or beat your afternoon slump, has to be something you look forward to and cherish.

Of course, a person's taste in coffee and judgement of what counts as good quality coffee is subjective. What I rate as good quality is different to what someone else might rate as good quality. However, in the world of data, quality cannot be subjective. Quality needs to be measured against business and user requirements and a common understanding of what quality means. Data quality therefore is non-negotiable. Garbage in equals failed business! Simple

From the conversations I've had recently, CDOs and Heads of Data must provide business with the most accurate insights possible to allow business to adjust to an ever-changing COVID-based environment. 

So, in this episode of Data Conversations Over Coffee Matthew and I discuss:

  1. The reasons why organisations are still battling poor quality data
  2. What can be done to overcome this and improve data quality
  3. The importance of data literacy - at all levels - to maintain data quality
  4. And of course - the best places to get coffee!

If you'd like to hear more from Matthew when you're done watching, he also runs Data Science Meetup, which organizes events for data professionals in Johannesburg, and is the host of the Financial Modelling Podcast

Get Data Quality Training Online

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The course is spread over eight modules covering:

  1. Data Quality Awareness
  2. Data Quality in Context
  3. Data Assessment
  4. Business and User Requirements
  5. Data Measurement
  6. Data Correction
  7. Problem Prevention
  8. Context of Data Management

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