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Speaker Spotlight Day Manuet, Data Analyst – Analytics, Epworth HealthCare

Speaker Spotlight Day Manuet, Data Analyst – Analytics, Epworth HealthCare

Written by Corinium on Nov 25, 2019 5:00:55 AM

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Joining us at the Data and Analytics in Healthcare (4-5 March | Melbourne), we are pleased to welcome Day Manuet, Data Analyst – Analytics at Epworth HealthCare.  She shares her thoughts on the use of data within Australia's healthcare system, and what steps need to be taken to improve patient outcomes through data analytics and much more.

What makes data in healthcare so challenging?

In my opinion, four main factors make data in healthcare challenges:

  1. Lack of digitalisation
    There is still so much of hospital data that is paper-based.
  2. Organisational relationships
    The dynamic of private hospitals is unique, as doctors who are the main service givers are our clients not our employees. So, doctors have an immense bargain power and thus the role of influencing stakeholders is even more important; making it more challenging to adopt data-driven strategies across the organisation.
  3. Data is not regarded as an asset
    Even though health organisations realise the importance of data, it is not regarded as a priority and therefore fails to view data as an asset.
  4. Underfunding
    Over several years, there has been continuing disquiet over health funding. Underfunding have created a system that hasn’t grown incapacity to meet the needs of patients. While ad-hoc funding exists, it’s mainly designed to address the underlying capacity and staffing requirements to meet the daily operational needs, leaving little or no funds for business innovation, data-driven strategies, etc.

Read the full article to discover how Epworth harnesses data analytics to improve patient outcomes, the key building blocks to establishing an effective data governance framework and the importance of people and process in improving data quality.


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Day will be presenting at the Data & Analytics in Healthcare conference in March.

Her joint session:Case Study: Using Analytics to predict patient readmission

  • Used hospital date to predict which patients would be re-admitted
  • Created models and tested these over the last 12 months
  • Are taking steps for preventing re-admission
  • Deploy a bedside a score per patient

To join the discussion and get involved, join us at Data & Analytics in Healthcare on the 4-5 March.



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