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Supercharging CX Measurement

Written by Corinium

Supercharging CX Measurement

Written by Corinium on Mar 11, 2019 8:41:24 AM

Customer Experience and Management

We caught up with Clint Payne who is the Program Manager: Customer Experience at MultiChoice to find out what he will be speaking about at the upcoming Customer 360 Africa 2019 event.

 The upcoming Customer 360 Africa event is to be held on the 16th to the 18th April 2019 at The Maslow Hotel in Sandton.  Clint will be talking on “Supercharging CX Measurement and the Success Experienced by the MultiChoice Team”

Corinium: Would you tell us a bit about what the talk will cover?

Clint: We think about VOC or surveys as a simple view of what our customers are saying – this is true and invaluable for any business.  With a little consideration, we can unlock benefits far beyond just voice of customer.  At Customer 360, I’d like to share how to approach VOC, how to think about VOC and its potential and then how to set it up so you can unlock additional benefits down the line.

Corinium: Can you share with us how the premise of supercharging CX Measurement has benefits beyond pure numbers?

Clint: Without putting too many spoilers out there, consider data points outside of the pure result or response.  What can you learn from comparing a single moment in time?  What operational benefits can you realise from knowing when something doesn’t meet a customer’s expectation?  How can you overlay other research on VOC and leverage the combination of the two data sets?  There’s so much potential there.

Corinium: How does how great measurement engage customers and the operational benefit from good measurement?

Clint: Measurement without insight is like a rudderless ship – you’ll drift with no real purpose or destination.  Proper measurement will guide you on what to improve, show you when it has improved, and let you know what’s next – it’s like GPS guidance for your CX program.  Make sure your measurement strategy is stable enough to trend data over time and flexible enough to change as customer’s needs do.

Corinium: Please tell us a little about how can how great measurement improve customer experience?

Clint: Much of the time we fixate on the numbers – response rate, sample size, satisfaction, effort – you name it!  The truth is it’s not nearly as important as consistency over time.  Measure the same thing in the same way over a longer period.  With consistent repeatable trends that will accurately reflect your customer’s experience over time.  That’s where the magic lies.

Corinium: Any final thoughts?

Clint: No VOC measurement can be perfect – don’t seek perfection ‘coz it will overwhelm you.  Prefect is the enemy of good.  Do many things well, because lots of “good” all added together will be great!

VOC is just a part of the picture – don’t forget the operational data points – they’re two sides of the same coin.

The appeal of unstructured data (social sentiment & free text) is undeniable.  Structured data (surveys & ratings) still has plenty to offer and correctly executed, adds stability to trends.

Know what your number DOES NOT tell you.  It’s just as important!

The ultimate question isn’t NPS.  The ultimate question is “What do you want to use this data for?”


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