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The digital clash of civilization in light of customer experience

Written by Corinium

The digital clash of civilization in light of customer experience

Written by Corinium on Nov 27, 2018 11:40:02 AM

Customer Experience and Management

The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us and many forms of technology are being implemented to improve customer experience. With the density of social interactions, one must ask what role this will play in restructuring the customer experience. We spoke to Jordan Zeke who is the CRM Officer and CX specialist at the University of the Witwatersrand to get a better understanding of the digital clash of civilization and its potential effect on your organisation.

Corinium: Can you tell me what is meant by the digital clash of civilization in light of customer experience?

Joshua Zeke: Let me start by defining the key notion in your question. I define “the digital clash of civilization as the maturity level of technology adoption reached by a single society in trying to bridge the gaps created by the prelude of internet and density of social interactions”. The central role played by technology in our century has always helped to restructure our societies.

 No one today can define the world by ideological or economic fault lines simply because the definition of our society is by culture and Civilization. Some observers see new fault lines that may contribute to cultural clashes and I believe in different lines created by cultural clashes with the technological breakthroughs. Some people, nevertheless, see in all of this a grand clash of civilizations. I can confidently say this: “There is no grand clash of civilizations when innovation is embarking every society into restructuration through a mesh of civilizations. There is, however, a digital clash of civilization brought by this disruptive innovation in elucidating the “density” of social ties between countries, or the number of people exchanging messages with one another”.

 Yet, the meaning of the term civilization has converted several times during its history. People use the concept in several ways for the differences in the core of civilizations that are not only tangible but are also basic. The digital clash of civilizations is born because Information and Communication Technologies opening out remains one of the critical factor of decisions affecting investment, job creation and socio-development in our society.

While the internet seems to be the catalyst of our generation by changing the way we communicate and get entertainment, we have the responsibility as a society to empower the experience of our customers with interdisciplinary collaboration for today and tomorrow interactions. The rise of global communications networks as well as the complexities and innovations generated by technological breakthroughs is the digital clash of civilizations in light of customer experience.

 I have to end my answer by saying this: as a CX evangelist, I believe that technology is sprouting more rapidly than humankind itself is, and we are living in a world of our own invention in some extent. Our society has experienced considerable vicissitudes together with rapid economic growth and global diffusion of social media connecting organizations with the rest of the world’s population that constitutes the pool of customers with different set of requirements.

Corinium: Why is this important for people to hear about?

Joshua Zeke: The key is not the will to win… everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important, said Bobby Knight.

The question we should ask ourselves as business leaders is the following: How prepare are we to win in the society dominated by digital channels?  The perception of a structured society in which most of us live today is that all things have their place. If one considers the digital clash of civilization as a disruption that is misplacing everything, everywhere, it constitutes an important topic for people to hear about.

I think as a member of an evolving society; we all want sustainable corporations. For me, tomorrow could only be a mystery for sleepers’ so-called Business leaders because of our current observation of the world and its different civilizations. The mandate of the current century allows us to discuss and build awareness around topic that disrupts our structures. 

Corinium: What would you say to those who disbelieve that there is a digital clash of civilization?

Joshua Zeke: My response to those who disbelieve that there is a digital clash of Civilization is that disruption is taking a massive place without their acquiescence. It is no longer a matter of choice in anyone side, but the matter of urgency.  The “density” of social ties between countries, or the number of people exchanging messages with one another is exploding. The digital clash of civilizations is all happening in our society. The fine line in the clash of civilizations still got its ground through digital transformation.

Corinium: Any final message you would like to leave delegates with on the subject?

Joshua Zeke: I want delegates to know that for the reason that we are fostering a digital clash of civilizations; my recommendations above and against all odds is for the dominant elite of society to take their responsibilities with both hands to redirect our lost society in searching for an identity in the clash of civilizations. A firm that values customer experience is all set to win and to win big….

Join Joshua Zeke and other industry experts at the Customer 360 Africa event that will take place on the 16th – 19th of April at The Maslow Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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