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Corinium Meet Up

Rose Fava

#WeAreCorinium: An insight into the people and culture of Corinium Global Intelligence

Our #WeAreCorinium blog offers weekly insight into the people and culture at Corinium Global Intelligence. Search for #WeAreCorinium on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram for more posts, and excerpts from our internal Slack channel, Corinstagram!

Rose Fava

Posts by Rose Fava :

July, 01 2019

4 Common Traps Event Sponsors fall into (as told by GIFs)

#wearecorinium Event Management

So you have made the decision to sponsor an event, great choice! But how do you make sure that your organization and sales team don’t end up wasting money by losing out on the full event experience? Read More

January, 18 2019

Balancing Both Worlds - Combating Workplace Stress


Work-based stress is something that we’re all too familiar with. Whether it stems from the (unnecessarily) long weekly meeting, your chatty cubicle neighbor, or your to-do list that never seems to end[...] Read More

December, 07 2018

Beer + Yoga + Charity


It’s not often that two of the things you love collide and it’s even more unlikely when you love yoga and beer. But it’s even better when you can use beer and yoga to do some good this holiday season Read More