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Best Advice to Keep Talented Staff Motivated

Written by Corinium

Best Advice to Keep Talented Staff Motivated

Written by Corinium on Jun 6, 2017 1:12:00 PM

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Interview Highlights from the Chief Analytics Officer, Fall 2016 conference held in New York. This video features Linda Apsley, VP of Engineering for Consumer Marketing Technology Services, Time Inc.

Opportunities for progression is really important to the employees. Interestingly it’s different by geography, in India I have a large staff and those folks really want to get an opportunity to try new things so we try to put them in a system where they can rotate them to different roles but they need to stay in a role long enough to learn it and provide value and then also allowing them to come to the US and work with the team here. I try to look at the global team and consider everyone as a unique individual. In the US, it’s important to folks to go to conferences sometimes where they can learn new things or being able to try new technology. I have an architecture team which is the pinnacle of technology engineering from my group so giving people an opportunity to work with them is a good way of increasing their skills and really keeping them motivated. The most important thing is the reward they get when they deliver something and the customers love it.

To watch the full interview, https://youtu.be/3Z_QMFoBOAo

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