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September, 06 2021

Corinium acquires RE•WORK

MONDAY, 6 SEPTEMBER 2021 – Corinium Global Intelligence (“Corinium” or “the Group”), the global B2B information service provider of events and market intelligence company, has announced its acquisitio[...] Read More

July, 28 2021

Zendesk The Agility Playbook

If companies weren't flexing their agility muscles before the pandemic, they certainly are now - and it can be a major competitive advantage.   With original data and actionable insights from CX busin[...] Read More

July, 14 2021

Zendesk The Digital Tipping Point

In 2020, companies made seismic shifts in how they do business. Being digital-first and, in many cases, digital-only meant companies had to rapidly acquire new technologies to reach customers and conn[...] Read More

April, 08 2021

Data Virtualization: The Essential Tool for Security and Governance Manage Diverse Data Sources from a Single Point of Control

This brief explains how data virtualization, an advanced data integration and data management approach, enables unprecedented control over security and governance. In addition, data virtualization ena[...] Read More

March, 09 2021

Trends in Establishing a Data-Driven Enterprise

Organizations aiming to become data-driven need to overcome several challenges, like that of dealing with distributed data or hybrid operating environments. They need a modern data architecture that c[...] Read More

March, 08 2021

Zendesk CX Trends Report 2021

New customer expectations, spiking support requests, and working apart—yep, that was 2020. We’ve gathered data from 90,000 companies and fused it with findings from global surveys of customers, agents[...] Read More

December, 14 2020

Top 5 Articles of 2020 to progress your CX journey

With 2020 coming to a close, and the continued impact COVID has had on businesses, we have collated the 5 best must read articles to progress your CX journey into 2021. Read More

November, 19 2020

CX Champions: How CX Leaders Who Raise Their Game Are Driving Business Success

Delivering a great CX is among many business leaders' top priorities, but it's hard to know where to devote time and resources to make it happen.  To help businesses plan accordingly, Zendesk partnere[...] Read More

October, 21 2020

Forrester Report: Choosing the right CX solution for your business - Partnered content with Zendesk

Evaluating new customer service technologies can be overwhelming. With new platforms, deployment methods, and rising customer expectations, the customer service tech ecosystem has grown more and more [...] Read More

September, 22 2020

Gartner’s predictions for the post-COVID future of work - Partnered content with Zendesk

COVID-19 has affected workplaces everywhere, the impacts of which could greatly alter how different organizations will approach the way they do business.    The need to identify and prepare for a shif[...] Read More


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