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We draw on the extensive expertise of our global network of senior executives and leaders, combined with the vast industry knowledge of our own research team, to produce valuable premium content with real-world insights to help you keep up-to-date and make strategic, timely, and well-informed decisions.

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January, 28 2020

Conversations About Data #1: Data Literacy

Coffee, a great medium for engaging in casual conversation with friends and associates in your network. Meeting up with a James the other day, James is a Chartered Accountant, we got to talking about [...] Read More

January, 27 2020

Data Literacy: A Huge Opportunity for the Healthcare Industry

It’s easy to get excited about the many ways AI and advanced analytics will shape the future of healthcare. But the industry has a way to go before these technologies begin having a significant impact[...] Read More

January, 24 2020

Corinium Meets: Alteryx CDAO Alan Jacobson

Ahead of his presentation at CDAO UK, we spoke with Alteryx CDAO Alan Jacobson about driving ROI with data, putting the ‘transformation’ into digital transformation and why there’s never been a more e[...] Read More

January, 22 2020

The Dawn of AI-Powered Healthcare

If there was ever any doubt that AI will revolutionize the healthcare industry, Google Health dispelled it with its latest research paper. Nature reports that the company has developed an AI program t[...] Read More

January, 22 2020

Are you struggling to get started with Data Quality?   Interview with IQ International

We are pleased to be working with our media partner, IQ International on our Chief Data & Analytics Officer Brisbane event, where they will be sharing some of their work in developing best practice da[...] Read More

January, 21 2020

Boosting Enterprise Adoption of Self-Service Data Analytics

The need for widespread enterprise analytics to accelerate business growth and operational efficiencies is clear: Forrester says that insights-driven businesses are growing at an average of more than [...] Read More

January, 16 2020

AI Poised to Disrupt the Insurance Industry

AI is coming to disrupt the insurance industry. From Ping An in China to Lemonade in the US, companies across the globe are harnessing AI technologies to drag the sector into the 21st century. Read More

January, 16 2020

A Brief History of Our Future

We stand on the cusp of the massive evolutionary change the fourth industrial revolution is about to impose on all dimensions of our culture - from politics to business and education.  Read More

January, 15 2020

Aussie Data Stories #1 Improving Financial Well-Being with CBA

Bringing together a collection of stories to celebrate success and to further drive and inspire data innovation in Australia. With a unique data story around financial wellbeing, Andrea Nicastro, Data[...] Read More

January, 13 2020

Unicorns Will Power Latin America’s Data Transformation

Data leaders at Latin America’s tech ‘unicorns’ are in a unique position. Young companies often have data in their bones but lack the budget for truly innovative data projects. Meanwhile, established [...] Read More



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