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We draw on the extensive expertise of our global network of senior executives and leaders, combined with the vast industry knowledge of our own research team, to produce valuable premium content with real-world insights to help you keep up-to-date and make strategic, timely, and well-informed decisions.

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August, 16 2019

Five Ways AI is Changing Customer Service

AI is transforming the customer service profession. Gartner predicts that 15% of all customer service interactions will be handled using AI by 2021. That means half of all enterprises could be spendin[...] Read More

July, 17 2019

Ethics of AI

We’re just at the starting line of AI and already CDAOs are grappling with ethical dilemmas that create risk at all organisational levels. Poor AI governance can lead to significant reputational, mark[...] Read More

January, 16 2019

A response to Rob May

Ben Vigoda – Nov 20, 2018 – Read More

January, 10 2019

New Year, New… Data Trends for 2019

With ‘New Year, New Me’ on everyone’s lips and social media posts at the start of 2019 last week, we at Corinium decided we would have a look into ‘New Year, New Data Trends for 2019’ instead. Read More

December, 06 2018

Cloudera - The Rise of Cognitive Computing: Machine Learning, AI and IoT

Download the Report Machine learning and artificial intelligence are changing the very meaning of data analytics. Some say the rise of AI and machine learning heralds a new industrial revolution. With[...] Read More

November, 07 2018

How data scientists help people manage their financial lives better

Data scientists are changing the face of banking as we know it. They improve the experience of clients in many different ways by solving the problems and challenges encountered in the banking industry[...] Read More

November, 01 2018

Is AI the Next Logical Step in Data Analytics?

The hallmark of something game-changing/life-changing is how easily it polarises opinion. There are always two distinct camps: the supporters and the non-believers. No one sits on the fence. Read More

July, 06 2018

Beyond Data: Transforming into an Analytical Organisation

We all know the problem – data is exploding, the number of analysts is decreasing and expectations on big data and analytics are ever increasing. In such a scenario, how can one best manage this situa[...] Read More

July, 06 2018

Data Privacy is Coming of Age... But Requires Further Work

The world population has reached 7.4 billion, with 1.3 billion people routinely working remotely and according to Gartner, there will 6.4 Billion Connected “Things” in use this year, up 30% from 2015,[...] Read More

July, 06 2018

El vibrante mercado de Big Data en Latinoamérica

Las predicciones sobre el crecimiento del mercado de análisis de datos y Big Data han sido bastante positivas en los últimos años para Latinoamérica. Gartner, Frost & Sullivan y muchos otros líderes e[...] Read More



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