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January, 15 2019

The Journey to Becoming More Data-Driven - Cloudera

I’ve spent the last four years here at Cloudera talking with our customers about how to run their businesses better using their data and Cloudera’s products and services. Now I get to put my money whe[...] Read More

December, 06 2018

Cloudera - The Rise of Cognitive Computing: Machine Learning, AI and IoT

Download the Report Machine learning and artificial intelligence are changing the very meaning of data analytics. Some say the rise of AI and machine learning heralds a new industrial revolution. With[...] Read More

November, 20 2018

Cloudera - The Future of Data Warehousing

Download the Report Recent developments in data management—self-service, big data, data lakes, NoSQL, Hadoop, and the cloud—raise questions about the role of the data warehouse in modern analytic ecos[...] Read More

October, 18 2018

How to Frame Your Architecture for Innovation and Develop the Ecosystem Around Data

At a recent Chief Data & Analytics Officer event held in Singapore, Cloudera hosted a discussion group chaired by Graham Gear, Senior Director of Systems Engineering from APAC, with the focus topi[...] Read More

October, 02 2018

How to Leverage AI to Improve Customer Engagement.

Ahead of the Chief Data & Analytics Officer (CDAO) New Zealand, we caught up with Kari Jones, Data Science Manager at Air New Zealand to discuss the ways in which organisations can ensure progress[...] Read More

September, 12 2018

CDAO Melbourne 2018

After the close of CDAO Melbourne 2018, the events Chair, Jon Catling, shared with us his thoughts and ideas about the event. Read More

August, 31 2018

Using Advanced Analytics to Better Understand Your Customers

Ahead of the Chief Data & Analytics Officer (CDAO) New Zealand, we caught up with Paulo Gottgtroy, Chief Data Scientist at Inland Revenue New Zealand to discuss how advanced analytics can be used [...] Read More

August, 28 2018

The Impact of Machine Learning on Business Intelligence [Partner Content]

 Read More

August, 21 2018

Five Yellowfin innovations that have shaped the BI industry [Partner Content]

When I look back at what we’ve achieved at Yellowfin, there are five innovations that I’m most proud of. They have not only delivered a fantastic product but have also shaped the BI industry. Read More

August, 07 2018

How to Maintain a Purpose Driven Landscape

Ahead of the Chief Data & Analytics Officer (CDAO) New Zealand, we caught up with Mike Congdon, Head of Enterprise Information Management at New Zealand Post. We discuss the key challenges faced b[...] Read More


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