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We draw on the extensive expertise of our global network of senior executives and leaders, combined with the vast industry knowledge of our own research team, to produce valuable premium content with real-world insights to help you keep up-to-date and make strategic, timely, and well-informed decisions.

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November, 27 2019

Data Ethics, Culture and Advanced Analytics Top the Agenda at CDAO Fall

Data ethics, data culture and the future of advanced analytics were the three themes that dominated CDAO Fall in Boston, MA last week. As Corinium’s flagship conference, the annual event showcases how[...] Read More

November, 25 2019

Infographic: MEA Data Leaders Focused On Advanced Analytics

The role of a CDAO will naturally evolve with their company’s data maturity, and our research shows that this evolution is well underway in organisations across the Middle East and Africa. To determin[...] Read More

November, 25 2019

Speaker Spotlight Day Manuet, Data Analyst – Analytics, Epworth HealthCare

Joining us at the Data and Analytics in Healthcare (4-5 March | Melbourne), we are pleased to welcome Day Manuet, Data Analyst – Analytics at Epworth HealthCare.  She shares her thoughts on the use of[...] Read More

November, 20 2019

Making Data-Driven Business Practices ‘Sticky’

Cultural change does not happen overnight. Read More

November, 01 2019

Interview with: Amaresh Tripathy, Business Leader of Analytics at Genpact

Tell us about your experience in working with the data analytics community at Genpact? Why do you like working in this space? Read More

October, 31 2019

‘Phase Two’ of Europe’s Data Transformation

For the UK and Europe’s most data-led companies, phase one of the data transformation is now complete. The strategies have been agreed, the foundations have been laid and the real work is well underwa[...] Read More

October, 28 2019

Why Data Security Is Seen As a Value Creator

The passing of the California Data Privacy Act and first wave of GDPR fines are clear signs that data leaders can’t afford to take their eyes of the ball when it comes to compliance and security. Read More

October, 21 2019

Most Data Leaders Are Successfully Driving Organizational Change

A fundamental assumption of data science is that making business decisions based on facts yields better and more reliable results than those made using instinct or intuition. But as with any major tra[...] Read More

October, 16 2019

How to Perfect Your Data Culture Recipe

One of the first questions new clients generally ask us is: “How do we maximize the value from our data?” Read More

October, 03 2019

Creating Ecosystems That Support Data Culture

The benefits of becoming a data-driven organization are clear. Enterprises that succeed in creating data environments where innovation can flourish tend to have happier customers and generate more rev[...] Read More



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