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How to Unlock the Full Potential of Enterprise AI

How to Know When the Customer Isn’t Right

Why CCOs Must be ‘Corkscrew Thinkers’

Creating the Underwriter of the Future with Data

Zendesk - Help Your Customers Help Themselves with AI

What Customers Want from Brands in 2020

Insurers Under Pressure to Improve Customer Experiences

What Data Analysts Need from Their Leadership

How Data Leaders Can Become Powerful Agents for Change

Data Literacy: A Potential $500m Opportunity for Enterprise Businesses

Three Takeaways from CDAO UK 2020

The Zendesk Customer Experience Trends 2020

Three Data and Analytics Predictions for 2020

Solving the Insurance Industry’s Data Quality Problem

Corinium Meets: Quantum Metric Head of Behavioural Research Marina Shapira

Data & The House of Horrors

The Reinvention of the Managed Security Service Provider

Conversations About Data #1: Data Literacy

Data Literacy: A Huge Opportunity for the Healthcare Industry

Corinium Meets: Alteryx CDAO Alan Jacobson

The Dawn of AI-Powered Healthcare

Are you struggling to get started with Data Quality?   Interview with IQ International

Boosting Enterprise Adoption of Self-Service Data Analytics

AI Poised to Disrupt the Insurance Industry

A Brief History of Our Future

Aussie Data Stories #1 Improving Financial Well-Being with CBA

Unicorns Will Power Latin America’s Data Transformation

Maintaining Data Quality in Financial Institutions

The Innovator’s Dilemma in Financial Services Data

Three AI Trends to Watch in 2020

How Data Democratization Will Transform Banking

What the Apple Card Controversy Means for Data Ethics

The Connected Enterprise Holds The Keys To The King[CX]dom

MEA Data Leaders Are Laying the Foundations for AI Success

The Changing Role of the CDAO

The Age of the Customer: How companies transform their customer experience

Data Ethics, Culture and Advanced Analytics Top the Agenda at CDAO Fall

Getting to Know Your Speaker Armel Lupapi

Infographic: MEA Data Leaders Focused On Advanced Analytics

Speaker Spotlight Day Manuet, Data Analyst – Analytics, Epworth HealthCare

Making Data-Driven Business Practices ‘Sticky’

Getting to know Gasbene Mahlangu

Interview with Steve Jump, Head of Corporate Information Security Governance, Telkom

Interview with Marlany Naidoo, Head: Information Security & IT GRC, Mercantile Bank

Interview with Janine West, Data Privacy Officer, Investec

Interview with Pragasen Pather, GM: IT Governance, Risk & Security, Sun International

Interview with Henry Denner, IT Security Officer, Gautrain Management Agency

Interview with Sandro Bucchianeri, Group Chief Security Officer, Absa

Interview with Itumeleng Makgati, Group CISO, SASOL

A New Era for Global Risk

Getting to know Shrian Ramsamuj, Cyber Security Professional, Grindrod Bank

AI’s Impact on Cyber Security

Digitizing Customer Experiences Requires a ‘Human Touch’

A Hitchiker's Guide to CDAO Africa 2019

How to Challenge Business Assumptions with Data

The Challenges of Cloud Security

The World Needs Bold Customer Experience Leaders

Interview with: Amaresh Tripathy, Business Leader of Analytics at Genpact

‘Phase Two’ of Europe’s Data Transformation

Sustainable Behavior Change: Metrics, Measurements and Methods

Why Data Security Is Seen As a Value Creator

Gartner’s eight building blocks of CRM: Customer experience

Most Data Leaders Are Successfully Driving Organizational Change

Approaching an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy while Accounting for Bias

How to Perfect Your Data Culture Recipe

Trust No One

5 Data Visualization Best Practices By Yellowfin

Broadcast Media is Finally Embracing AI

Data to the people – Why this app will change the way more people engage with data - By Yellowfin

Why Data Leaders Should Prioritize Customer Insights

The Rise of Enterprise-Wide AI Adoption

Tackling the growing gap between technology and humans (Atlassian)

Creating Ecosystems That Support Data Culture

Quantifying the business impact of customer service

Three Key Takeaways from CDAO Europe 2019

Are you treating your data as an asset? (Xero)

The $7 Billion Alternative Data Explosion

How to Become a Data-Driven Organization

3 reasons mobile business intelligence apps have minimal adoption in your business (and how to fix it)

The Biggest Challenges for a Chief Customer Officer (Volt Bank)

Strategy is Unleashing the Potential of Enterprise Data

Using Automation to Cut Through the Clutter By Yellowfin

Interview with: Nadeem Asghar and Cindy Maike at Cloudera

Interview with: Dr. Mike Kim, CTO and Co-Founder of Outlier.ai

Interview with: Aditya Kumbakonam, Co-founder & Head of Client Services, Delivery at TheMathCompany

Interview with: Jeff Healey, Senior Director of Vertica Product Marketing at Vertica

Enterprise Architecture is Dead! Long Live Agile EA!

Automated Business Analysis Is Spotting Insights Humans Missed

Data: The New Weapon Against our Humanity

Five Ways AI is Changing Customer Service

What is the difference between Shared Services today and Shared Services in 2007?

Top 5 use cases for an open CRM platform

A matter of chickens and unicorns by Pieter Vorster

Are Employees More Important To Your Business Than Customers?

The Biggest Challenges Faced In CX

Driving value and insight driven decision-making

Shifting towards a more customer focused culture

Guide to Automated Analytics By Yellowfin

3-Minutes Q&A with Gary Zalaveta

Understanding the Value of Good Customer Experience (Gateway Bank)

Ethics of AI

The Satisfied Customer - 3 technology trends to get you there

Strategy, Leadership, Culture & Innovation: Interview with Cary Correia, GE USA: Part 1

African Customer Experiences With Theory U

Future-Proofing The Modern Business Through Legacy-Smashing Enterprise Architecture

Industry 4.0: 3 Stages of Adoption

How Will Timeless Moments Assist Organisations In Gaining Their Competitive Advantage.

Data Driven Digital Transformation

The Rise of Data Analytics in East Africa

Snowflake: 3 Benefits of a Self-Adapting Data Warehouse

What is Future Enterprise Systems Africa All About?

Interview with Abigail Britton, Data Science Lead, Anheuser-Busch InBev

Interview with: Sankar Narayanan, Chief Practice Officer at Fractal Analytics

Building Better Engagements With Your Employees

4th Industrial Revolution, What is it? And What Impact does it Actually have?

Exclusive Q&A with Phillipa Cameron, CCO of Stuff NZ

Facebook Insight - Connecting your Data Science & Marketing Teams

Big Data: Hype vs. Reality

How fast-growing digital natives can innovate and scale

Moving from reactive analytics to proactive analytics

Two thirds of C-level execs believe AI and machine learning will improve customer experience

The Value of Co-Creation

Interview with Pat Dever

Snowflake: 6 Compelling Reasons to Modernize Your Data Warehouse

Artificial Intelligence vs Automation

Interview with Faraz Shafiq

Be a Data Avenger not a Carpenter

Data Scientists vs. Data Engineers

Interview with Abigail Britton, Data Science Lead, Anheuser-Busch InBev

Interview with Dominic Sartorio, Senior Vice President for Products & Development, Protegrity

Unlocking Data Value under Changing Regulations like GDPR, CCPA

Rolling out an enterprise-wide data management program

How Our Hotel Chain Uses Data to Find Problems and Humans to Fix Them

The Biggest Challenges Being Faced by the CCO

Cloudera - The ASEAN Appetite for Data in Motion


Data Governance Masterclass with Anwar Mirza

How established companies win with digital transformation

Three strategies to improve the end-to-end customer experience

Building your Contact Centre - The Key Takeaways from Telstra

GeoInsurance USA - Speaker Interview - Yosha DeLong

GeoInsurance USA - Speaker Interview - Jim Schweitzer

The Top 100 Innovators in Data and Analytics 2019 Americas | Part 1

The Top 20 Influencers in GeoInsurance 2019 | Americas

Snowflake : Executive's Guide to Alternative Data Analytics

Interview with Sriram Iyer @ CDAOI UK 2019

The importance of building a data governance framework

Using Contact Centres as a foundation to improve CX

The Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2019

Supercharging CX Measurement

Embracing a purple cow into your kraal

Forrester Study: Drive Marketing and CX Convergence. Partner Content with Genesys

Data Futurology Podcast with Sandra Hogan

Data Futurology Podcast with Kshira Saagar

Exclusive Interview - Anouche Newman, CEO, CSIA

Big Data: The #10YearChallenge

Declutter Your Customer Experience

The Top 50 Leaders in Learning & Development 2019 - Americas

CX – where are we? - Joshua Knight, Jet Customer Strategic Analyst, Edcon

Interview with Wesley Weidemann, Group Executive: Analytics, Life Healthcare Group

Interview with Claudia Fah, Fraud Analytics Manager at BankservAfrica

Interview with Valencia Cleinwerck, Data Solutions Manager, Pernod Ricard

Strativity CX Evolution – Consistency to Purpose

Data Futurology Podcast with Anthony Rea

Employees vs Customers | Why there shouldn't be a tug of war

Introducing the Chief Data Analytics Officers & Influencers, Financial Services Superstars

DataOps and the DataOps Manifesto

Proving an ROI for Your Analytics Investments

The Importance of Customer Level Analytics

Will The Real Data Scientist Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up?

The Chief Data Officer Roadblocks

Chief Data Analytics Officers & Influencers, Financial Services Speaker Interview: Andre Gaddis

The Three Ghosts of Digital Transformation

Breaking Down into Bite-Sized Chunks: Digitisation v Digitalisation v Digital Transformation

Genesys State of Customer Experience Research Report

Digital Transformation, its more than Digital

Netskope Press Release: CISO Africa 2019

A response to Rob May

Voice of the customer: Why you need it an how to start your VOC program

How to Boost your Business-Critical Mobility

3 Steps on the Path to Mobile Security

Building The Best Analytics Teams

The Journey to Becoming More Data-Driven - Cloudera

New Year, New… Data Trends for 2019

Culture… it’s not about feeling warm and fuzzy

CX Strategy according to Multichoice, Hollard, African Bank, FNB, ABSA, Comair, Uber and many more

The Rise of Women in Digital & Data

Q&A With International Keynote: Dr Abhi Seth, Honeywell Aerospace

Interview with John Meakin, Group CISO, GlaxoSmithKline - CISO Africa 2019

Women in Digital & Data: Bridging the Confidence Gap

Cloudera - The Rise of Cognitive Computing: Machine Learning, AI and IoT

Genesys : MIT Technology Review

How to Recover your Reputation After a Cyber-Attack

Measuring Customer Experience at Every Touchpoint of their Journey


The digital clash of civilization in light of customer experience

Bridging the Analytics Skills Gap

Is Data Science as ‘sexy’ as we think?

Cloudera - The Future of Data Warehousing

Interview: Dwight Jones, Senior Weather Catastrophe Specialist, State Farm

The Imperative for Strong Data Science Governance in a Data Driven Environment

Cyber-Attacks on Financial Services

How data scientists help people manage their financial lives better

Interview with Sanjay Saxena (SVP, Data Governance, NORTHERN TRUST)

Interview with George Musi (Chief Data Officer, BLUE 449)

Is Your Data Analytics Strategy to Defend or Attack?

Is AI the Next Logical Step in Data Analytics?

CISO Africa 2019 - Six IT Security Trends for 2019

Women in Data - Interview with Lyn Wilbraham, Master Data Team Manager, Engen

Women in Data - Interview with Shenine Botes, Data Scientist, Superbalist.com

Women in Digital - Interview with Carlien Parsons, Head of Digital, Cullinan Holdings

Women in Data - Interview with Hannelie Lotz, Data Lead - Strategic Portfolio Management, Old Mutual Group Financ

Strativity - Harvard Business Review Reports

Women in Data Interview: Monika du Toit, Data Scientist: IT - Business Development, Capitec Bank

SAP Consumer Propensity Report Australia 2018

How to Frame Your Architecture for Innovation and Develop the Ecosystem Around Data

Asking better questions is a team sport

Changing the way business and data teams work

Corinium announces partnership with Frankfurt’s leading Data Science group for exclusive CDAO Europe Meetup Event

Customer Care in the Social and Mobile Era: By Ido Bornstein-HaCohen, COO, Conversocial

What makes a customer’s experience great?

Interview with David Bridges, McCarthy & Stone

Interview with Michael Horn (Chief Data Officer, HUGE)

Interview with Genevy Dimitrion (SVP, Chief Data Steward, STATE STREET)

What you can expect at CDAO UK, 2019

Interview with Louise Blake, Head of Data, Al Tayyar Group

Interview with Ed Parsons, Geosptial Technologist, Google

How to Leverage AI to Improve Customer Engagement.

The Biggest Disruptors in CX

Data Science Projects: Balancing Governance & Creativity

Women in Digital: Interview with Jane Canny, Chief Digital Officer at Edcon

Women in Digital: Interview with Neebashnee Kristnasamy, Head of Projects and Digital Transformation Programme at Sanlam Private Wealth

Women in Data: Interview with speaker, Gcobisa Gaxela, Senior Manager: Data Quality and Analytics, Corporate and Investment Banking at Standard Bank

Women in Data: Interview with speaker Louise Pinto, Big Data, Analytics & Insights at Barclays Africa Group Limited

Women in Data: Interview with Shikha Basdeo from FNB

Women in Digital: Interview with Pamela Mkhize from Enel

Interview with Speaker Emad ElAzhary, Head of Big Data & Strategy, Vodafone Egypt

Women in Data: Interview with Jeanine Norden from MMI Holdings

Women in Data: Interview with Shalain Gopal from Barclays Capital

CDAO Melbourne 2018

Using Advanced Analytics to Better Understand Your Customers

Women in Digital: Interview with Liesl Bebb-McKay from Rand Merchant Bank

How to Build a Digital Roadmap? Start from Scratch…

Customer Experiences Enhanced Through Digital Transformation.

Chicken or Egg? How Vendors are Business Transformation

The Top 5 Fundamental Check Points for a Successful Data Office

What's next for CX?

The Impact of Machine Learning on Business Intelligence [Partner Content]

Five Yellowfin innovations that have shaped the BI industry [Partner Content]

How to Maintain a Purpose Driven Landscape

New study reveals enablers and barriers to achieving an enterprise digital transformation

Striking the Right Balance Between Edge and Hub

Data Management: The Foundation for Digital Transformation

Big Data: How Can It Fuel the East Africa Economy

Interview with Joshua Tamayo-Sarver – Using Data Analytics to Improve Healthcare for All

Data Monetization: the Holy Grail for CDOs? – IBM CDO Summit Spring 2017

CUBE Interview with Inderpal Bhandari & Jesus Mantas at IBM CDO Summit, Spring 2017

CUBE Interview with Allen Crane (USAA) & Glenn Finch (IBM) at IBM CDO Summit, Spring 2017

VIDEO: Inderpal Bhandari presents the CDO Cognitive Enterprise Blueprint at IBM CDO Summit, Fall 2017

VIDEO: Inderpal Bhandari discusses the 4 E’s of Cognitive Computing at the IBM CDO Summit Fall 2017

VIDEO: What is a Cognitive Enterprise? Inderpal Bhandari at IBM CDO Summit Fall 2017

VIDEO: Examining the ‘Data Explosion’ – Inderpal Bhandari at IBM CDO Summit Fall 2017

Interview with Daniel Seymour, Investec's Business Intelligence Leader - Chief Data Analytics Officer Africa 2018

VIDEO: NBA Basketball as an Example of Cognitive Technologies – Inderpal Bhandari at IBM CDO Summit Fall 2017

VIDEO: 5 Use Cases of the Cognitive Blueprint – Inderpal Bhandari at IBM CDO Summit, Fall 2017

Interview with Mike Vos, OpenServe's Customer Experience Executive - Chief Analytics Officer 2018

CUBE Interview - Seth Dobrin & Jennifer Gibbs at IBM CDO Strategy Summit 2017

CUBE Interview - Caitlin Halferty & John Backhouse at IBM CDO Summit Fall 2017

Interview with Ashleigh Waterson on data-driven culture in South Africa eCommerce - Chief Data & Analysis Officer Africa 2018

Inderpal Bhandari, Global Chief Data Officer, IBM Presenting at the IBM CDO Strategy Summit

Interview with Thuthukhile Rakhareb, Head of Data Management, RMB. Chief Data & Analytics Officer Africa 2018

Chief Data Officer, Meet Generation Z

What We Know About the Data Analysis Market

Chief Data Officers: Navigating a Disruptive, Data-Intensive World

Tipping Point or Stalling Point for South African CDO's?

Governance Versus Innovation - And Why That Might Not Be The Right Battle

Find Your Way Through the Chief Data Officer Maze

Forming Deep Partnerships With the Business as CDO: A Two-Way Street

The Business of Monetization

So, Why Does Any Organisation Need a Chief Data Officer?

What CDOs Need to Know: The 4E of Cognitive Computing

How are Chief Data Officers Raising the Bar for Data-Driven Insights?

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants - How to Benefit from Other Data Leaders Experiences, Even If You Can't Meet Them Physically

CDO - The First 100 Days

The CUBE - James Kavanaugh & Inderpal Bhandari at IBM CDO Strategy Fall 2017

Interview with Jeff Bodzewski - Challenges, Communications, Digital Transformation, and more

My Top Ten Takeaways from the IBM CDO Webinar

Speaker Interview: John Carter, Charles Schwab

Speaker Interview: Inderpal Bhandari, IBM

Speaker Interview: Dipti Patel-Misra, Vituity

Top Takeaways from 'What Can AI Do For You?' Webinar

Speaker Interview: Sriram Krishnan, Cambia Health Solutions

Speaker Interview: Asim Tewary, Verizon

Speaker Interview: Andy Sohn, Crawford & Company

Beyond Data: Transforming into an Analytical Organisation

Data Privacy is Coming of Age... But Requires Further Work

El vibrante mercado de Big Data en Latinoamérica

The 80/20 Rule of an Effective Chief Analytics Officer

10 Powerful Tips for Chief Analytics Officers

Chief Analytics Officer Survey: 57% say 'Culture' a Key Barrier in Advancing Data and Analytics Strategy

C-Suite Hangouts | Chief Data Officer Financial Services Summit | Corinium Conferences

Will Machines Help Humans Make Big Decisions in the Future? Chief Analytics Officers Weign In

How to Strategically Position the CDO Organisation for Success?

Big Opportunities for Big Data in the Asia Pacific

Pixar's 22 Rules for Phenomenal Story telling: A CAO's Guide

Exploring the Co-Functional Relationship between Data, Anayltics, Digital Transformation & Customer Centricity

Organising for Analytics Success - Centralising vs. Decentralising

Was 2016 The Year Artificial Intelligence went Mainstream?

In Data and Analytics, Momentum Trumps Trajectory. Here's Why.

Collaboration in Ancient Greece and Data Science

The Issue of Data Ownership Explained: Could Chief Data Officers Have Got It All Wrong?

The Science of Change and Digital Transformation

The Data Analytics Disconnect and How to Avoid It!

Chief Data Officer: Avoiding the Hype Cycle

What is 'Dark Data' and Why You Need These 7 Tips to Turn it Into 'Goldmine'

Building a Team With Capabilities to Deliver Actionable Insights

The Limits of Artificial Intelligence: Can AI Survive the Real World?

3 questions every Chief Data Officer in Insurance must be able to answer

Driving Data Democracy at Western Union

Data as New Oil: An Overview of Data Value Chain (Part 1)

Singapore's Solution to Data Driven Challenges

Takeaways from Corinium's Chief Data and Anayltics Officer (CDAO) Sydney Conference

Taming The Beast - Are You Living in An Analytics Techno-Zoo?

Solving Business Problems Through Tangible Analytic Solutions

Why the concept of 'citizen-data scientist' is alarmingly worrisome

Key Corinium Contributer - Caroline Carruthers

The Chief Data Officer - A New Role Defined

Collaboration and shared data - the key to Global counter-terrorism success

Localising Data Management Capabilities Across an East African Branch Network

Will Atificial Intelligence earn its place in business models of financial institutions?

How Big Data is Empowering AI and Machine Learning at Scale

How Woman are Shaping the Big Data Revolution

How Barnote's Analytics Business Unit Produced Profits Equivalent to 10X Cost

It's Not the Fourth Industrial Revolution!

Mathematical Theory of Banking

Transforming Into An Analytical Organization: Beyond Data and Technology

Being a Data Analytics Driven Gaming Company - An Interview with Mike Mallett of Derivco

People-less Analytics

Complexity Theory and Organizations - The Magnum Ice Cream

Exclusive Interview with Louise Barber, Head of Data from TAL Life

The True Cost of Digital Transformation

Practical Tips to Beat the Data Skills Shortage for Today and Tomorrow

SPEAKER INTERVIEW: Avoiding the Hype - The Dangers of "Data Science"

The Hoarding Mentality and How to Break It

Driving Change with Data at Addison Lee

Improving Health and Achieving Commercial Success via Data Analytics

The Transformation of Business Intelligence and Analytics Through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning & AI in Data Security: How Do They Fit?

Chief Data Officer - Insights Into Being The Hero of Data and Analytics

To Dashboard or not to Dashboard - Are you data driven is the question

Data, Analytics and Cyber Security: How Can They Work Together Harmoniously?

Corinium's 10 Key Predictions in Data and Analytics for 2018

Data as a Feature: Are CDO's Ready?

Year In Review - 2017's IBM CDO Strategy Summits

In Data We Trust: How Can the C-Suite Have Confidence in its Data?

Artificial Intelligence and The Cyber Threat: Will Its Popularity Lead to More Data Breaches?

Can Machines Really Beat Doctors? Artificial Intelligence More Likely to Diagnose Cardian and Lung Problems

5 Key Data Analytics Trends to Watch in Canada

Cambridge Analytica and Facebook Data Sharing: What Does This Mean for CDOs and CAOs?

Top 10 Digital Transformation Predictions and Trends for Africa in 2018

Preparing for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: What Every CDO and CAO Needs to Know

The secret to driving cultural change with data democratization

Is Technology Replacing The Human Touch?

Chief Data & Analytics Officer Public Sector - Tania Churchill

Chief Data & Analytics Officer Public Sector - Sanjay Mazumdar

Chief Data & Analytics Officer Public Sector - Raj Waldron

Chief Data & Analytics Officer Public Sector - Tyson Fawsett

Does your analytics platform facilitate or obstruct your ability to comply with GDPR?

Best Practices in Data Science: Ten Keys to Operational Success and Business Value

Jose A. Murillo, Banorte | Chief Analytics Officer, Spring 2018

Kevin Bates, Fannie Mae | Chief Analytics Officer, Spring 2018

Scott Zoldi, FICO | Chief Analytics Officer Spring 2018

Vishal Morde, Barclays | Chief Analytics Officer, Spring 2018

Prakash Nanduri, Paxata | Chief Analytics Officer, Spring 2018

Kirtida Parikh, Silicon Valley Bank | Chief Analytics Officer, Spring 2018

Alfred Essa, McGraw-Hill Education | Chief Analytics Officer Spring 2018


AI is the “New Normal”

Data is the “D” in Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation: Where Data, Analytics, and AI Converge

The Economist Special Report: AI and Business

Your Guide to Omnichannel Support

The Economist Special Report: AI and Business [Report]

CCO Event Report: What we learnt at Chief Customer Officer USA 2018

The “New C” On The Block – The Chief Data Officer Explained

From Saul to Paul: The drastic need for a changed management style

Layer Up Your Security on World Password Day

By Using Sentiment Analysis More Informed Your Organization Will Be: Lessons from Star Wars

Parachuting Chameleons and eating your own Dog food – Organizational Effectiveness at Macy’s

Chief Data & Analytics Officer Public Sector - Warwick Graco

6 Must-Have Skills to Look for When Building Your Dream Data and Analytics Team

Business Analytics in the Machine Learning Era

Can Artificial Intelligence Exist Without Human Interference?

Face-to-Face with Data and Analytics Leaders [REPORT]

5 Ways Synthetic DNA Could Transform the Storage of Your Data

Social Media Analytics and the digital revolution - Keynote Presentation by Radha Subramanyam

Thriving in a changing world - Reflections and lessons learned - Keynote Presentation by Rick Davis

Interview with Marc Lipman Chief Operating Officer, AIG Canada

Interview with Kevin Bates - VP of Enterprise Data Strategy Execution, Fannie Mae

Interview with Eric Poon - Chief Health Information Officer, Duke University Health System

Interview with Guru Rao - Chief Data and Analytics Officer, FBAlliance Insurance

Interview with Jose Murillo – Chief Analytics Officer, Banorte

Interview with Dipti Patel - Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Vituity

Interview with Gina Papush – Chief Data and Analytics Officer, QBE

Interview with Atul Kapoor, Director at Genworth Financial

THE STATE OF THE Chief Data and Analytics Officer in 2017 [Whitepaper][Partner Content]

10 Ways That Artificial Intelligence Has Changed the Customer Experience

Are You Ready for the Year of Employee Engagement?

7 Tips for Online Data Security

2018 Predictions in Data and Analysis

Artificial Intelligence – Evolution or Revolution [Presentation]

Chasing the millennial dollar: CX in the 21st century

17 Quotes on Big Data and Analytics that Will Open Your Eyes to Reality

Delivering on the Potential of Artificial Intelligence for Enterprise

SPEAKER INTERVIEW: Avoiding the Hype - The Dangers of 'Data Science'

A Unique Q&A with Lior Arussy, Strativity

Building a High Impact Learning Culture

Chief Customer Officers: Some Group Therapy, Some Golden Nuggets

Best Advice to Keep Talented Staff Motivated

6 Lessons for Big Data Success in Healthcare

Big Data Analytics Market 2020

CAO Europe 2017 – Ivan Guz, CAO, Avito

CLO USA 2017 – Dr. Harry Kantrovich, Chief Learning Officer, City of Alexandria

CLO USA 2017 – Catherine Day, VP Workforce Enablement, Global Technology & Operations, MetLife

CLO USA 2017 – Dr. Mary Bollash, UTC Aerospace Systems Academy of Engineering Excellence

3 Key Questions Every Chief Data Officer in Insurance Must Be Able to Answer

The Chief Data Officer Has Arrived. Can They Now Lead the Charge?

Is Artificial Intelligence an Opportunity or a Threat to Analysts?

Chief Customer Officer – Critical Success Factors – Getting Business Value from Improved Customer Experience

Chief Customer Officer – The Blueprint – Advocating a Customer-Centric Culture of Innovation Across Distributed Touch Points

Chief Customer Officer – Driving Greater Profitability and Business Outcomes from Customer Success

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Customer Experience

6 Under-The-Radar Ways You Can Apply Advanced Analytics To Your Business

The Chief Revenue Officer – The Secret Sauce to Success?

Chief Analytics Officer Europe | Corinium Conferences | April 2017

2017 SURVEY: Companies Achieving Measurable Results from Big Data Investments

Bruce Rogers, Forbes – Roadmap to Success in Data and Analytics | Corinium

5 Ways to Start Your Data Governance Framework Right

Ash Dhupar, Publishers Clearing House - Roadmap to Success in Data and Analytics

Clarity Solution Group presentation at the Chief Analytics Officer, Fall 2016

Be Real About Customer Experience Transformation

Bringing data tools to Google’s legal department | #CDSUSA

Activewear Brand Evolves from Sports Clothing to Wearable Fitness Tech #CDSUSA

10 Key Takeaways from the Chief Analytics Officer, Africa 2016

"Best Answer Wins" - A Masterful Strategy to Get Your Workforce to Engage with Data and Analytics

Can Data Science Help Save The World?

Big Data in Latin America: Is Data the New Oil?

Chief Data and Analytics Officers Tackle Big Data Issues in South Africa

Actuaries and Data Scientists - Match Made In Heaven or Hell?

Chief Data & Analytics Officers: A Licence to Improve

Business Storytellers – The New Job Title for Analytics Leaders

Are You Ready for the Cognitive Era? Here's a Glimpse of What the Future Holds

5 Characteristics of a True Data Leader Who Can Affect Change

Case Study: Scaling real-time analytics with your organization

5 Things Government Chief Data Officers can Learn from Frank Underwood

CDO & CISO: A Match Made in Heaven or Hell?

7 Predictions for Chief Data Officers in 2016

CDO Roundtable: The Next Frontier for Chief Data Officers

5 Ideas to Explain the Role of Chief Data Officer to a College Freshman

3 Proven Techniques for Successful CDO's

Branded Engagement, Big Data and the CAO

AmFam Presentation at the Chief Data Officer Forum – Examining the role of the Chief Data Officer

Chief Data and Analytics Officer Forum Discusses the emerging roles in Big Data and Analytics

Chief Data and Analytics Forums – Experts in Big Data, Analytics & Technology

Bronwyn Sims and Glenn Bunker, REA Group, Presentation at Chief Data & Analytics Officer Forum, Melbourne

Brendan Haire, Atlassian, Presentation at Chief Data & Analytics Officer Forum, Melbourne

Chief Data Officers, Listen Up: The 3 Sutras of The Modern Data Blackbelt

3 Tips for Successful CDO Onboarding

Analytics - The Sexy Side of Data

Are CDO's Really a Short-Term Solution?

Foundation Before Monetisation: How Barclays Africa Capitalises on Big Data



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