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Corinium acquires RE•WORK

Zendesk The Agility Playbook

Zendesk The Digital Tipping Point

Data Virtualization: The Essential Tool for Security and Governance Manage Diverse Data Sources from a Single Point of Control

Trends in Establishing a Data-Driven Enterprise

Zendesk CX Trends Report 2021

Top 5 Articles of 2020 to progress your CX journey

CX Champions: How CX Leaders Who Raise Their Game Are Driving Business Success

Forrester Report: Choosing the right CX solution for your business - Partnered content with Zendesk

Gartner’s predictions for the post-COVID future of work - Partnered content with Zendesk

InMoment : The Case for CX Investment White Paper

Guide: Adapting to rapid change - Partnered content with Zendesk

Report “Data Management for Advanced Analytics.” (TIBCO) 

InMoment How to link CX to ROI: Your free eBook inside

In this insightful fireside chat, we’re joined by Eva Ross, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer at Sendle

InMoment - Showcasing Return on Customer Experience Investment (ROXI)

DCO Insurance Benchmarks the Industry’s Digital Transformation Progress

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Max Metral (Formula 1)

Farfetch CDO Kshitij Kumar: Data Availability has Never Been More Important

Tips for Operationalizing AI from DCO Financial Services EU

DCO Government Highlights Data-Driven Innovation in the Public Sector

Four Reasons CDAOs Should Prioritize AI Ethics

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Libby Duane

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Kaizer Manasoe

Corinium Meets: BNP Paribas Global Head of AI and Digital Risk Analytics Adri Purkayastha

Video: Conversations Over Coffee with Louise de Beer

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Mishumo Dzhivhuho

Zendesk - Forrester: Responding, managing, and leading during a pandemic

COVID-19 Tops the Agenda at Data Champions Online Financial Services

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Thuthukile Rakharebe

Digital Transformation in the Spotlight at DCO Nordics

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Eugene Ras

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Janine, Rohena & Maria

US Data Leaders Racing to Grow Strong Data Cultures

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Will Bonner

COVID-19’s Impact on Corporate Learning Laid Bare at L&D Champions Online

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Bart Pietruszka

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Eugene Wessels

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Scott Taylor

Data Champions Online, Healthcare Charts the Industry’s Path to Data Maturity

How CDAO Priorities are Shifting in 2020

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Ryan den Rooijen

Zendesk - Transitioning to and managing a remote workforce

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Jess Gergen

Secrets to Data Strategy Success from Data Champions Online Europe

Demand for Data and Analytics Soars in the Wake of COVID-19

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Veronica & Lays

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Youmna Borghol

What COVID-19 Means for Data and Analytics Leaders

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Abboud Ghanem

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Maciej Kaliszka

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Caroline Carruthers

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Ben Jones

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Itumeleng Monale

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Alex MacPhail

Zendesk - The Impact of COVID-19 on CX

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Caroline Carruthers (DQT)

Tips for Advancing Analytics Capabilities from Data Champions Online, US

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Maciej Kaliszka (DQT)

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Ben Jones (DQT)

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Abboud Ghanem (DQT)

DataOps and the Industrialization of AI

Corinium Meets: Citi Chief Data Scientist Dan Costanza

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Matthew Bernath

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Gavin van Wyk

Corinium Meets: Digio CDO and Data Protection Officer Rafael Coronel

Covid-19 Has Already Changed CX Forever

Creating an AI-Ready Data Architecture in the Cloud

Zendesk - Work From Home Tips

Corinium Meets: Bic Latin America IT Director Leandro Cresta

Four Key Takeaways from Customer Champions Online, USA

How to Choose the Right AI Projects to Scale

How to Unlock the Full Potential of Enterprise AI

How to Know When the Customer Isn’t Right

Why CCOs Must be ‘Corkscrew Thinkers’

Creating the Underwriter of the Future with Data

Zendesk - Help Your Customers Help Themselves with AI

What Customers Want from Brands in 2020

Insurers Under Pressure to Improve Customer Experiences

What Data Analysts Need from Their Leadership

How Data Leaders Can Become Powerful Agents for Change

Data Literacy: A Potential $500m Opportunity for Enterprise Businesses

Three Takeaways from CDAO UK 2020

The Zendesk Customer Experience Trends 2020

Three Data and Analytics Predictions for 2020

Solving the Insurance Industry’s Data Quality Problem

Corinium Meets: Quantum Metric Head of Behavioural Research Marina Shapira

Data & The House of Horrors

The Reinvention of the Managed Security Service Provider

Conversations About Data #1: Data Literacy

Data Literacy: A Huge Opportunity for the Healthcare Industry

Corinium Meets: Alteryx CDAO Alan Jacobson

The Dawn of AI-Powered Healthcare

Are you struggling to get started with Data Quality?   Interview with IQ International

Boosting Enterprise Adoption of Self-Service Data Analytics

AI Poised to Disrupt the Insurance Industry

A Brief History of Our Future

Aussie Data Stories #1 Improving Financial Well-Being with CBA

Unicorns Will Power Latin America’s Data Transformation

Maintaining Data Quality in Financial Institutions

The Innovator’s Dilemma in Financial Services Data

Three AI Trends to Watch in 2020

How Data Democratization Will Transform Banking

What the Apple Card Controversy Means for Data Ethics

The Connected Enterprise Holds The Keys To The King[CX]dom

MEA Data Leaders Are Laying the Foundations for AI Success

The Changing Role of the CDAO

The Age of the Customer: How companies transform their customer experience

Data Ethics, Culture and Advanced Analytics Top the Agenda at CDAO Fall

Getting to Know Your Speaker Armel Lupapi

Infographic: MEA Data Leaders Focused On Advanced Analytics

Speaker Spotlight Day Manuet, Data Analyst – Analytics, Epworth HealthCare

Making Data-Driven Business Practices ‘Sticky’

Getting to know Gasbene Mahlangu

Interview with Steve Jump, Head of Corporate Information Security Governance, Telkom

Interview with Marlany Naidoo, Head: Information Security & IT GRC, Mercantile Bank

Interview with Janine West, Data Privacy Officer, Investec

Interview with Pragasen Pather, GM: IT Governance, Risk & Security, Sun International

Interview with Henry Denner, IT Security Officer, Gautrain Management Agency

Interview with Sandro Bucchianeri, Group Chief Security Officer, Absa

Interview with Itumeleng Makgati, Group CISO, SASOL

A New Era for Global Risk

Getting to know Shrian Ramsamuj, Cyber Security Professional, Grindrod Bank

AI’s Impact on Cyber Security

Digitizing Customer Experiences Requires a ‘Human Touch’

A Hitchiker's Guide to CDAO Africa 2019

How to Challenge Business Assumptions with Data

The Challenges of Cloud Security

The World Needs Bold Customer Experience Leaders

Interview with: Amaresh Tripathy, Business Leader of Analytics at Genpact

‘Phase Two’ of Europe’s Data Transformation

Sustainable Behavior Change: Metrics, Measurements and Methods

Why Data Security Is Seen As a Value Creator

Gartner’s eight building blocks of CRM: Customer experience

Most Data Leaders Are Successfully Driving Organizational Change

Approaching an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy while Accounting for Bias

How to Perfect Your Data Culture Recipe

Trust No One

5 Data Visualization Best Practices By Yellowfin

Broadcast Media is Finally Embracing AI

Data to the people – Why this app will change the way more people engage with data - By Yellowfin

Why Data Leaders Should Prioritize Customer Insights

The Rise of Enterprise-Wide AI Adoption

Tackling the growing gap between technology and humans (Atlassian)

Creating Ecosystems That Support Data Culture

Quantifying the business impact of customer service

Three Key Takeaways from CDAO Europe 2019

Are you treating your data as an asset? (Xero)

The $7 Billion Alternative Data Explosion

How to Become a Data-Driven Organization

3 reasons mobile business intelligence apps have minimal adoption in your business (and how to fix it)

The Biggest Challenges for a Chief Customer Officer (Volt Bank)

Strategy is Unleashing the Potential of Enterprise Data

Using Automation to Cut Through the Clutter By Yellowfin

Interview with: Nadeem Asghar and Cindy Maike at Cloudera

Interview with: Dr. Mike Kim, CTO and Co-Founder of Outlier.ai

Interview with: Aditya Kumbakonam, Co-founder & Head of Client Services, Delivery at TheMathCompany

Interview with: Jeff Healey, Senior Director of Vertica Product Marketing at Vertica

Enterprise Architecture is Dead! Long Live Agile EA!

Automated Business Analysis Is Spotting Insights Humans Missed

Data: The New Weapon Against our Humanity

Five Ways AI is Changing Customer Service

What is the difference between Shared Services today and Shared Services in 2007?

Top 5 use cases for an open CRM platform

A matter of chickens and unicorns by Pieter Vorster

Are Employees More Important To Your Business Than Customers?

The Biggest Challenges Faced In CX

Driving value and insight driven decision-making

Shifting towards a more customer focused culture

Guide to Automated Analytics By Yellowfin

3-Minutes Q&A with Gary Zalaveta

Understanding the Value of Good Customer Experience (Gateway Bank)

Ethics of AI

The Satisfied Customer - 3 technology trends to get you there

Strategy, Leadership, Culture & Innovation: Interview with Cary Correia, GE USA: Part 1

African Customer Experiences With Theory U

Future-Proofing The Modern Business Through Legacy-Smashing Enterprise Architecture

Industry 4.0: 3 Stages of Adoption

How Will Timeless Moments Assist Organisations In Gaining Their Competitive Advantage.

Data Driven Digital Transformation

The Rise of Data Analytics in East Africa

Snowflake: 3 Benefits of a Self-Adapting Data Warehouse

What is Future Enterprise Systems Africa All About?

Interview with Abigail Britton, Data Science Lead, Anheuser-Busch InBev

Interview with: Sankar Narayanan, Chief Practice Officer at Fractal Analytics

Building Better Engagements With Your Employees

4th Industrial Revolution, What is it? And What Impact does it Actually have?

Exclusive Q&A with Phillipa Cameron, CCO of Stuff NZ

Facebook Insight - Connecting your Data Science & Marketing Teams

Big Data: Hype vs. Reality

How fast-growing digital natives can innovate and scale

Moving from reactive analytics to proactive analytics

Two thirds of C-level execs believe AI and machine learning will improve customer experience

The Value of Co-Creation

Interview with Pat Dever

Snowflake: 6 Compelling Reasons to Modernize Your Data Warehouse

Artificial Intelligence vs Automation

Interview with Faraz Shafiq

Be a Data Avenger not a Carpenter

Data Scientists vs. Data Engineers


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